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Mandarin Garden

The ideal location where you can spend some hours dedicated to the highest quality

If you think of the Mandarin Oriental hotel chain, the association with the word quality stands out spontaneously. Nothing more true and, obviously, the Mandarin Oriental, Milan is not an exception to this rule. One evening, during this beautiful and hot summer, I found myself thinking where possibly go for an after dinner drink and the answer came by itself: “Let’s go to the Mandarin Garden!”

The location is one of the nicest and most reachable in town, right behind via Manzoni and close to the Scala theatre, in the beating and fashionable heart of Milan. Entering the hall of this modern 5 stars hotel, you have the feeling that nothing is left to chance. I felt then that I was in the right place – I know, I always look for perfection (E.D.) – and during the right night, I must say! Ok, it is everything wonderful you would think… but know tell us more!

Mandarin Oriental Milano - Bar & Bistrot

The Bar develops on the three areas: two interior, with warm and elegant shades, where I was immediately astonished by the black and white marble flooring, that creates geometrical shapes and gives to the environment a classy and design image, and an external one, in the beautiful and quiet garden. Thanks to the nice weather and the lovely night, I decided to take a sit outside, in this exclusive courtyard.

Mandarin Oriental Milano - Bar & Bistrot

The drinks menu is incredibly wide and accurate: the many cocktails with the most varied names, the liquors list, the selected tonic liquors and wines, make me understand that is payed a serious attention to details and to the clients (and I know that this is an essential element to you – Flawless Milano readers – just as it is to me!). Even those who does not drink and the health enthusiasts will not be disappointed: the wide range of nonalcoholics cocktails and extravagant beverages, including smoothies, elevate the list, giving it that “plus” that makes the difference!

I cannot hide you my indecision when I had to make a choice! Finally, not having all the night to decide and “running the risk” of having to stay there to sleep (even though I actually thought about being locked inside), I chose a “Mediterraneo”, impeccable name for this season and which made me think about the seaside… The name is perfectly given to this cocktail: fresh and summery. In fact, among the ingredients there are pineapple and thyme syrup, gin Mare, freshly squeezed lemon juice and tonic water…so tasty! With my cocktail are served some sugared almonds, pralines and peanuts in an elegant silver box… for a desserts lover like me this is heaven! For those who would like to have a proper meal, the menu also offers different Italian dishes, salads, sandwiches (skilfully prepared by Antonio Guida) and small pastries, which come directly from the pastry chef Nicola Di Lena.

I suggest you then to take a break and spend some high quality time in this enchanting environment. Here nothing is left to chance and the Asian culture influence is respected beyond doubts…You just have to choose the right company!

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