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Ristorante “Da Noi In”

If comfort is a form of freedom to enjoy the pleasures of food, then this is the perfect place for you

“Good morning, my name is Lorenzo, and I would like to reserve a table for four at 9:00 at “Da Noi In” Restaurant. What chairs have you got?” No, it’s not one of the recommended phrases from the making reservations handbook. So now I wonder: why don’t you ever tell me how comfortable my dinner will be? If we were to analyze the population that crowds Milanese restaurants dividing it by “functionality” we would notice a net dominance of romantics, crowd pleasers, business men and women. They all have one common necessity: to seem self confident seducing their target. The confidence is directly proportional to the ease with which our bodies communicate. Have you ever felt uneasy because you were physically uncomfortable?


I have. That why seating is the first thing I consider when I choose a restaurant, I’m not going to a stand up dinner where, we all know, you only partly enjoy your food. Some restaurants only consider what they put on their tables but the one who is sitting in the chair is just as important. If comfort is a form of freedom key to enjoying the pleasures of food for you too then one of my favorite corners of Milan is the Da Noi In in the design district of via Tortona. Inside the Magna Pars Suites Milano hotel, in via Francesco Forcella 6, you will be welcomed by an elegant atmosphere but not stuffy, sophisticated but not stiff, luxurious but not inaccessible. Balance is the best way to describe it. Couches and armchairs will wrap you in a relaxed atmosphere while an attentive staff cares for you without overdoing it, maintaining the feeling of “home”.

A large copper door in the ground floor Open Lobby outlines the entrance to the restaurant. Walk a few steps to soak up the atmosphere, and you’ll find yourself in Liquidambar, a very impressive lounge bar where Olfactory aperitif sessions run every two weeks, based on 39 cocktails designed for the occasion, which are inspired by the many olfactory notes of the Hotel (one for each suite) available at LabSolue, the Perfume Laboratory managed by Giorgia and Ambra Martone.


The kitchen is refined, but not over the top, it reproduces the traditional Mediterranean dishes keeping a sensible measure on the presentation/flavor ratio. The quality of the primary ingredients is superb and if you would like to know more, you can take advantage of the friendly Exectutive Chef Giuseppe Postorino who shows up at the end of dinner just when comfort has won you over and you don’t want to ever get up.

His Majesty the Truffle of Alba will be the star of the restaurant during the autumn months, with a special menu and a choice of three different tasting tours, allowing the more demanding customers to enrich their dishes with the unique flavour of the mushroom par excellence. Lunch and dinner offer different menus: during the day the à la carte options are accompanied by gourmet, vegetarian, business, and healthy offerings, combining one or more platters with a dessert and/or a drink; in the evening the very best traditions of Italian cuisine will be thoroughly explored in a real journey of the senses.


Finally, the coherence is maintained at the time of the least appreciated moments for any type of public: the bill. More than price I would speak of value. And value will be in perfect harmony with the experience you have had. If it was a song, the Da Noi In would be “Smile” by Madeleine Peyroux.

Photo Credit: Federica Santeusanio

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