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LabSolue – Perfume Laboratory

The ultimate sensory experience to design your perfume

Via Forcella 8, Tortona Area, Milan. We are at LabSolue, the Perfume Laboratory inside the wonderful Magna Pars Suites Milano, the world’s first Hotel à Parfum.

Some perfumes remain in our memory throughout our entire life: there’s nothing more powerful than the sense of smell to reawaken memories, emotions, and passions. Every perfume is a unique journey through time, often also tied to a person, a place or a situation.

Have you ever experienced a déjà-vu? It happens always to myself after sensing a certain scent, reawakening unconscious memories. The déjà-vu I felt whilst entering this laboratory of rigorous architecture, brought me back to the day that I got the chance to visit the hotel and its marvellous suites. Thirtynine, to be exact, each one characterized by a unique, unmistakable touch: a specific scent made at the laboratory.

LabSolue - Perfume Laboratory

When the hotel was built in 2013, the Martone sisters, Ambra and Giorgia, started a sensory collection resulted from the work of the world’s best noses: thirty-nine perfumes made by the wise combinatation of woods, flowers, and fruits. The laboratory itself was created and developed around this collection: three islands, each one dedicated to this group of elements and a fourth for the scented candles. Moreover sixteen fragrances out of this range of scents are being used to make the artisanal scented candles, perfect items to inebriate the atmosphere with their perfume.

Everything is exclusive and unique at LabSolue. Even the packaging selection and preparation are part of the experience: find youserlf comfortably seated on the elegant velvet armchairs and get ready to browse through a manual of the perfumer’s art. You can read these books from the small private library designed to accompany the olfactory experience. Expert hands will craft your gift, the same way Marvin pharmaceutical laboratory founded by Vincenzo Martone was used to do in the 60s.

LabSolue - Perfume Laboratory

As if this was not enough, there’s also the Aqua Adornationis line by Marvin, created by Giorgia Martone for the hotel’s amenities and now available for sale at the laboratory in two variations: Woody or Floral, each one linked to a mysterious date that inspired its origin.

Are you looking for a gift and don’t know where to go? Thanks to the Gift Certificates, you will be able to present an olfactory journey dedicated to the research of the best suitable scent. Thus, there is also the Olfactory Design and the Custom Perfume: with these exclusive services you can create a unique and personalized fragrance. The ultimate sensory experience in pursuit of the missing note… your perfume.

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