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Ryukishin Ramen

The Osaka ramen arrives to Papiniano

Every city in Japan has its own variation of ramen and always prefers its own version to the ones of the neighboring cities, every region uses its own particular ingredients (from seaweed ramen in Hosaka to the Tokyo-style one, with chicken broth and soy). Exploring this part of japanese gastronomic world is already difficult if you’re in Japan, and it’s even more so if you’re in Milan. But this citiy has always an ace up its sleeve and, if you’re on the lookout for a ramen worthy of this name, Ryukishin Ramen is the one for you.

Ryukishin Ramen | Interni

The place is not exactly huge but really nice. It recalls to the mind the little shops and delis that you bump into strolling through the streets of Osaka or Kyoto, on whose counters bowls of ramen smoke at every hour of the day. The chef has a known name, Tatsuji Matsubara, and he altready brought his restaurant format to Osaka, Kyoto and Valencia.

The true quality of a good ramen is in the broth: the one made by chef Matsubara is made daily and cooked slowly, to obtain maximum tastiness. The versions of the broth are the regular one with vegetables and chicken, the one with vegetables, pork and seaweed and the one with kombu seaweeds and shiitake mushrooms. The proposed recipes are five, including a veg option. Every dish has a deluxe option, which means that you can add marinated eggs or extra meat to your ramen.

Ryukishin Ramen | Paitang

Besides the ramen, there’s a lot more dishes you can order up. For instance, as entrées, the soy sprouts or the edamame. Or the wonderful gyoza dumplings, with their elongated shape, with different types of filling and cooked on a hot plate. You will look for them in every menu, after eating them here. But there are also the sautéed or marinated rice, the curry chicken or fried shrimps.

Ryukishin Ramen | Gyoza

For dessert, then, we have green tea ice cream with azuki beans and homemade rice discs, the mochis, available in more flavors, and the tiramisu, made with green tea, almond milk and lemon. Their cellar, finally, includes the plum liquor Takara, a good choice of sake, both by the glass or in bottles.

We already fell in love with Ryukishin. And you? What are you waiting for?

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