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The secrets of communication revealed by Benedetta Gambino

A chat with the founder of BNDT, an idea studio designed specifically for each customer

In a cosmopolitan city like Milan, where opportunities, challenges, and ambitions intertwine like threads to weave an urban fabric, communication is a fundamental aspect to promote successful ideas. Terms such as digital marketing, guerrilla marketing, social networking, and sharing are the backbone of the modern era. Yet, doubts and curiosities often arise, especially for those who are not in this industry, about what lies beyond all this. Along with necessary research, marked creativity, and great enthusiasm, which never hurt, what are the ingredients needed to speak to an audience effectively? How do you make your project unique in such a crowded landscape? Benedetta Gambino takes care of your ideas.

Benedetta Gambino

Born in Rome in 1990, with a slight Italian-American DNA, her resume boasts numerous experiences shared between Italy and abroad. After her training, she took her first roles at agencies in London and Paris, until she arrived in our metropolis. Here, she could see with her own eyes how the most established names in the fashion world dealt with the “communication question,” or as they say, the bones. After a matter of a few years, she took a decisive leap of faith. Endowed with youthful audacity, Benedetta overcame a good deal of obstacles, risks, and fears and has managed to transform a passion for communication into her job by establishing an agency that bears her name.

Benedetta Gambino

Via Mario Fusetti 7 in the Navigli area is now the beating heart of BDNT, a workshop of tailor-made communication strategies carefully curated by Benedetta and her team, which range from social media to marketing, content production, creative direction, press office & PR activities, event planning, and web design, taking into account current and future trends. Among the numerous collaborations she already carries on her shoulders, we can’t fail to mention TPI, Gucci, Antonio Scotto, and every place by the invaluable Flavio Angiolillo & Co. of the MAG Cafè family, (which includes 1930 Speakeasy, Backdoor43, Iter and Animo). In short, she’s no joke.

Benedetta Gambino

Intrigued by her history, abilities, (and age!), we at Flawless wanted to chat with Benedetta in person in a video interview just for you. Here’s what she told us and what, in her opinion, are some secrets to good communication at the present day. Enjoy!


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