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The best avocado toast in Milan

The most delicious places to bite into this tasty superfood

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In Milan, the avocado toast craze goes crazy. Slices of toasted bread are enriched with a tasty base of avocado, spices to taste, a protein – the most popular is salmon – and vegetables.

The story of this love affair began in the United States. It started as a comfort food and soon became one of the most instagrammable snacks on the net. The original recipe includes toast garnished with mashed avocado and seasoned with salt, pepper and citrus juice.

This crunchy treat also owes its success to its health benefits, since avocado is a particularly nutritious superfood. And combined with salmon, paprika and vegetables, it contains the perfect balance between proteins and carbohydrates. It’s sure to give you a boost of energy for a quick and healthy lunch.

Milan, the nerve center for new food trends, immediately rode the wave of this overseas trend, offering a wide choice of places that have interpreted, according to their own style, this open-toast with stars and stripes.

Here are our “avocado friendly” spots where you can enjoy an energetic and healthy break full of flavor.


Via Gian Carlo Castelbarco, 17

I migliori avocado toast di Milano

Near the Bocconi University stands Açai Sisters, the superfood temple in Milan. Started with the desire to offer a menu for a balanced and healthy diet, it offers breakfasts, lunches and snacks worthy of a true gourmet foodie. The interior made of exposed brick with an industrial effect, is covered by their large LED sign. “Açai” refers to the health-promoting fruit, which together with avocado, cereals, fruit and vegetables makes up the majority of options. The avocado toasts are served as small canapes, garnished with pieces of tomato and radish, to be accompanied with energizing juices and creamy cappuccinos.


Corso Ventidue Marzo, 25

I migliori avocado toast di Milano

This is a 100% avocado friendly place that has made this fruit the star of the menu and the interiors. It’s painted with the shades of green typical of the pulp and skin. Bowls, avo-burgers and avo-pizzas are served daily with fresh and healthy ingredients. However, you must try the open toast. Here, you get to choose from not only white or sourdough bread, but also their own sweet potato bread. In addition to the menu suggestions, feta, beetroot hummus, halloumi, bacon and other delicious variations can be added to taste to best satisfy your needs.


Via Gaetano Giardino, 2

I migliori avocado toast di Milano

Where can you enjoy an avocado toast in the center of Milan? The answer is Flavors, a small “prêt-à-manger” place where you can have quick lunches on site, order a delivery or pick up a quick take away. The dishes at this small green refuge are prepared daily. The goal is to offer a healthy and balanced, yet fast meal. The focus on superfoods is one of the key elements of the menu. At Flavors, they use purifying and energetic raw ingredients, which are quick to digest and very nutritious. Avocado toast is one of the most popular items here. There are three options on the menu. You can go with salmon and creme fraiche, tomato and basil or an even richer version with goji berries, feta and apples.


Via Vittor Pisani, 13

I migliori avocado toast di Milano

Directly from California, this place originally opened in Via Volta. Now it has made its way to the Central Station area, bringing toast-mania with it. Open toasts are the centerpiece of the menu which, offered in a sweet and savory version, are accompanied by American coffee and lemonade, in the tradition of stars and stripes. The location plays on patterns and contrasting colors, where the avocado toast is divided into several variations. The classic plays on a soft cream of mashed avocado with egg, to alternate with the richer version with fried egg, crispy bacon and wasabi mayonnaise. For those who aren’t sure when to taste (and instagram) their favorite toast, the restaurant is open every day until 9 pm, meaning you can feel free to come for a classic sunday brunch.


Via Palestro, 16

I migliori avocado toast di Milano

In front of the green oasis of the Palestro gardens, there is a bar with Sicilian features. Lubar brings to the table a love for an Italian culinary tradition that chooses high quality raw materials every day. This means lunches, aperitifs and dinners made in the name of taste and authentic flavors. It’s a small corner of peace that seems to make you forget for a moment that you are in the center of Milan. A lovely terrace and a large room with plants and bright windows welcomes the most varied patrons. The all day menu features avocado toast which, prepared with fresh ingredients, has egg, salmon and Sciacca anchovies. The combination of Italian and American flavors is chic and bucolic at the same time.


Viale Piave, 33; Viale Col di Lana, 5; Piazza Gae Aulenti, 1; Corso di Porta Vittoria, 13; Viale Francesco Crispi, 15

I migliori avocado toast di Milano

This is a real corner dedicated to Japanese cuisine, which winks at the most instagrammable food trends of the moment. Macha Cafè takes its name from the green tea of ​​the same name. With its beneficial properties and intense aroma, the protagonist of this pastel-colored location has gained great success in Milan. The menu plays on the classic sushi dishes, interspersed with dishes based on rice, vegetables and feta. However, there is also attention paid to avocado here. Their avo toast is made with soft and fluffy white bread, and enriched with slices of salmon, feta and pomegranate or egg. For the more indecisive, you can choose a selection of three avocado toasts to be enjoyed with a 100% green iced tea or a matcha-based cappuccino.


Via Durini, 26

I migliori avocado toast di Milano

This is a place that takes its name from the raw material with which it derives its menu: bread. It’s a product that is cooked by hand every day to offer a crunchy taste break, combined with regional ingredients from all over Italy. Panini Durini was born in the Milanese street of the same name, and then expanded into the rest of the city. In addition to thirty sandwich options, the restaurant has also included a series of green alternatives, among which the avocado toast stands out. Here it is now possible to order a richer and tastier version of the OG avocado toast, with smoked Norwegian salmon and lemon drops … a real cure-all for a quick break between a lesson or a business call.


Via Mercato, 24

I migliori avocado toast di Milano

Pandenus was born as a starting point of an old saying in Milanese dialect, declaring the importance and love of bread. The menu that today characterizes the restaurant takes inspiration from this food. There is a great focus on fresh products that distinguish the culinary tradition of the Bel Paese, winking at joyful and sometimes green friendly trends that are crucial in Milan. Warm and welcoming atmospheres are mixed with cosmopolitan and contemporary touches that make the numerous Pandenus signs both home and trendy meeting places. Here you can get avocado toast all day long. The vegetarian version is enriched with spinach, cucumber and a dash of lime and chilli pepper, while the salmon version includes a light spread of cream cheese and aromatic chives.

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