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The best restaurants with open courtyards in Milan

Metropolitan oases for restoring your peace of mind

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With summer and the heat that comes with it approaching, all anyone wants to do is relax. To rid yourself of the anxiety accumulated in the last months of work or study, all you need is a little light-hearted break. 

As a result, we have decided to offer you our recommendations for some of the best restaurants with a courtyard in Milan. These are locations where stress is strictly prohibited. They will envelop you in their beautiful atmospheres, which are refined but still make you feel at home. No matter the occasion, these places are exactly what you need.


Via Monte Di Pietà, 18

I migliori ristoranti con cortile di Milano

Inside the Mandarin Oriental Milan, you will find Seta, a restaurant which boasts two Michelin stars. The secret of their success? It’s simple. It comes down to excellence in the kitchen, guided by the many years of experience of Chef Antonio Guida and an appealing location complete with a courtyard. From here you can peek at the chef and his team as they cook away. In short, it’s the perfect mix of everything that defines Brera.


Via Santo Spirito, 10

I migliori ristoranti con cortile di Milano

The historic Salumaio di Montenapoleone, family-run since 1957, changed several locations before settling in the imposing aristocratic courtyard of Palazzo Bagatti Valsecchi and becoming one of the most prestigious places in the quadrilateral. Perfect for any occasion, this renowned restaurant will amaze you with its great food, beautiful location and attentive service. Lastly, don’t forget to visit the palace itself!


Via Bagutta, 12

I migliori ristoranti con cortile di Milano

Here is a gorgeous garden enclosed within the walls of Palazzo Reina. The atmosphere is refined, all framed between umbrellas and a well-kept lawn. Paper Moon Giardino is synonymous with the illustrious tradition of Milanese catering. All the environments of Paper Moon Giardino are an ode to good taste and elegance.


Via Forcella, 6

I migliori ristoranti con cortile di Milano

In the Hotel Magna Pars Suites Milano in the Tortona area, the Da Noi In restaurant, mentioned in the Michelin guide, will know how to surprise you. The courtyard here is dotted with lush plants. It’s greatest strengths lie in the rich cuisine and overall elegance. The menu is full of Mediterranean tradition. The quality of the raw ingredients is impeccable. Everything is designed to satisfy your every desire. The only thing you have to do is let yourself go!


Corso Como, 10

I migliori ristoranti con cortile di Milano

In the evening, among the crowded bars of Corso Como, turn right and go through the colored glass panels that protect this hidden refuge in a historic building. Once inside, you are greeted by a picturesque garden, with soft lights scattered here and there. Stop for a break during the day, to leave the monotony and frenzy of the city behind you for a few moments. You will feel like you’re having lunch or dinner in a small forest.


Via Scaldasole, 7

I migliori ristoranti con cortile di Milano

In a courtyard of old Milan, a former monastery of the sixteenth century, a project is hidden among the tropical vegetation. It’s a collective born from the genius of the entrepreneur Mauro Orlandelli. The Six Project brand includes, among other things, a bistro that has recently passed into the hands of the owners of Officina 12 and GinO12. Here the atmosphere is exotic, and the classic menu supports the #foodology introduced by the new management. Some dishes are deprived of fundamental ingredients, to instead be complimented by the cocktails.


Via Giovenale, 7

I migliori ristoranti con cortile di Milano

The Al Cortile restaurant is a hidden treasure designed by Food Genius Academy on the occasion of EXPO 2015. Due to its success, it has since been transformed into a permanent activity. The location consists of a 200 square meter loft which even hosts a showroom for emerging artists, architects and designers. Gourmet dishes are prepared by the best students of the Academy who, after completing their studies, become part of the brigade. They swear by a “learning by doing” method.


Via Archimede, 10

I migliori ristoranti con cortile di Milano

A unique Mexican restaurant that charms at first glance, seduces at the first course and irreparably capitulates at first drink. The atmosphere is energetic and hard to resist. The lights, exposed bricks and chandeliers are enthralling. However, the center of attention is the beautiful courtyard furnished with delicious tables and lots of plants. Here, the chef prepares traditional Mexican dishes (gourmet tacos, fajitas, ceviche and typical desserts). When you finish dinner, don’t leave so fast! Make a pitstop at the Tequila Bar!


Via Pasquale Sottocorno, 9

I migliori ristoranti con cortile di Milano

This is one of the numerous microcosms of Milanese taste that make up that small gastronomic empire of Giacomo Bulleri. Giacomo Rosticceria opened in 2017 in a beautiful villa with a garden and pergola. It is adjacent to the workers’ village of via Lincoln, but has already kidnapped everyone’s heart. The menu is varied, with different dishes from the Milanese and Tuscan traditions.

Bar Martini

Corso Venezia, 15

I migliori ristoranti con cortile di Milano

Bar Martini (together with the Martini Bistrot) was born from the synergy between Martini and Dolce & Gabbana, who wanted to combine their common attention to Made in Italy tradition and modernity to create a corner of glamorous peace in the area of ​​the historic center that offers customers a complete sensory experience. The air you breathe is chic and international and the lunches, appetizers, and dinners have the flavors and colors of the Mediterranean gastronomy. Imaginative touches are added by the chef which will take you beyond the borders.


Via Palestro, 16

I migliori ristoranti con cortile di Milano

This spot is set within the monumental beauty of Villa Reale, which frames the works of the GAM and houses a suggestive park. LùBar is located precisely in the south wing of the structure. What was once a portico of transit for carriages and lemon trees is now recovered as a winter garden. In the restaurant, you can taste Sicilian specialties, revisited following the new cosmopolitan trends and preferences. It is not surprising, therefore, if arancini and cannoli are also in mignon form.


Via Pier Candido Decembrio, 33

I migliori ristoranti con cortile di Milano

“U Barba” in Ligurian dialect means “uncle.” This tavern brings a corner of Liguria to Milan. The courtyard with olive trees and the bowling green evokes the past of the building which once housed a bowling club. Today the Genoese tavern with its vintage, rustic and welcoming environment offers authentic dishes of regional tradition. We reccommend the typical Recco focaccia with cheese, trofie and testaroli (strictly homemade) with pesto and pansoti with nuts.

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