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Milan’s ice cream parlors open in August

There's so many options, but don't fear! You’ve got the whole month ahead of you. Let’s get the marathon started!

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It is the last month of summer, and the thermometer is about to explode. If you feel trapped between the architecture of Milan, you just have to do ice cream marathons that Brigdet Jones wouldn’t even dream of to cool off! But where to find an open ice cream shop?

After talking about which, in our opinion, are the best in the capital, here is another ranking that includes places of the highest quality – who have decided not to close the doors of their oases of flavor, to your delight during this month. Classic or creative, fruity or chocolatey, vegan and gluten-free, cup or cone, there are many flavors and versions you can choose from, but you have the whole month ahead. Let’s begin!


Viale Coni Zugna, 54 – Chiuso dal 15 al 22 agosto

Premiata Gelateria Augusto - Pistacchio Feudo San Biagio

There are many quality food products in the world, but few are gourmet. Premiata Gelateria Augusto, inspired by the grandeur of Ancient Rome, chooses the best ingredients on the globe to make his masterpieces. Try their Pistachio or almond, and you will understand that that extra touch of flavor makes all the difference.


Via Correnti, 5 – Sempre aperto

Enrico Rizzi - Cono

Enrico Rizzi combines the French excellence of haute patisserie with the all-Italian art of ice cream, adding an Asian flair to the mix. In its refined boutique, you will have the opportunity to try many varieties of ice cream. Rest assured that they’re all delicious, light and “luxurious.”


Via Marghera, 33 – Sempre aperto

Gelateria Marghera

The ice cream from the Marghera ice cream parlor is tradition, but now it has expanded to a thousand other specialties, including for example the ice cream cakes made of sweet combinations of cream, ice cream and fruit, or the tasty “after dinner,” real frozen desserts presented inside a transparent glass. In addition to being delicious, they’re sure to impress friends and family.


Via Lodovico Castelvetro, 18 – Sempre aperto (tranne il lunedì)

Il Massimo del Gelato - Piazza Risorgimento

One of the Meccas of all the “dependent ice cream” in the city. This is a rare case in which it is almost impossible to recommend a particular flavor, but to give you a tip, try their chocolate!


Via Luigi Porro Lambertenghi, 15 – Sempre aperto

Le gelaterie artigianali migliori di Milano

House of traditional ice cream, this ice cream shop was not long ago selected among the five best places to visit in Milan by The New York Times. There is nothing more to say… hurry up and go!


Via San Gregorio, 17 – Chiuso dall’11 al 18 agosto

Le gelaterie artigianali migliori di Milano

A high quality ice cream. At Gelato Giusto, these are the keywords: daily production, only natural ingredients, high quality fresh milk and only fresh seasonal fruit. The motto? “Ice cream, like bread, gives its best when it is fresh during the day.” Excellent quality and an equally authentic welcome.


Corso Indipendenza, 20 – Chiuso settimana di ferragosto

Le gelaterie artigianali migliori di Milano

High quality ingredients, preferably from local farms, transparency in production, passion and dedication. This place could charm your heart before you know it.


Via Cola di Rienzo, 2 – Chiuso dal 9 al 23 agosto

Le gelaterie artigianali migliori di Milano

The flavors for the most part is simple but refined, prepared with great care for tradition. A local landmark for years with its philosophy of the “neighborhood ice cream shop.” Home delivery available.


Via Varchi, 4 – Chiuso dal 12 al 16 agosto

Le gelaterie artigianali migliori di Milano

MiSciolgo is the ideal destination for lovers of chocolate, nuts, and velvety, creamy consistencies. With 1,000 shades of color, from white to dark brown, it will win you over at first taste.


Via Pestalozzi, 4 – Chiuso settimana di ferragosto

Le gelaterie artigianali migliori di Milano

Here we are on the musical scale of ice cream: for the most intransigent palates! We are at La Gelateria della Musica, of course. Music is in the background, on the walls and within you. And the flavors of ice cream perfectly reflect the mood .


Via Spadari, 13 – Chiuso 14, 15, 16 agosto

Le gelaterie artigianali migliori di Milano

The ice cream here is devoid of any artificial or natural additive: the result is the most creamy ice cream, with perfect density and temperature and with an authentic and genuine taste. In addition, it is light and easily digestible, even for those who are lactose intolerant.


Viale Col di Lana, 2 – Sempre aperto

Le gelaterie artigianali migliori di Milano

Made fresh daily in the artisan laboratory, La Romana, a brand that boasts several locations scattered throughout Italy, has recently landed in the heart of Milan, and offers a noteworthy taste experience. The flavors are original, with variations for those who are lactose intolerant. 


Viale Monte Nero, 46 – Chiuso dal 14 al 18 agosto

Le gelaterie artigianali migliori di Milano

Officine del Gelato brings a breath of freshness to the area. The products with which the ice creams are prepared are all carefully selected and seasonal and the fruit flavors are a real explosion of authentic flavor. 


Piazzale Martini, 1 – Sempre aperto

Le gelaterie artigianali migliori di Milano

Gelateria Melaverde, today with several stores in the capital, is the kingdom of natural and high quality fresh ingredients. The name was chosen to evoke the characteristics of authenticity and freshness that are savored by tasting their products. 

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