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The best salad in Milan: where to eat it

The most unmissable places to be for the salad addicted

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Although the Milanese panorama is particularly crowded with dining options, health conscious food finds its way to stand out.

In the city, in fact, there are currently numerous places which, by combining quality, local and/or exotic ingredients and a good dose of creativity, offer a wide range of decidedly interesting dishes.

A short while ago, making a jump overseas, we had talked about the pokè bars and the delicious bowls that are capturing everyone’s hearts. This time, however, our attention has focused on some places that bring to the table one of the most beloved dishes in the modern gastronomic panorama. Salad is particularly healthy and serves as a great way to cool down in the summer. But it’s so much more than this. If done well, it can take on gourmet tones and satisfy the tastes of even the most reluctant and demanding diners.

Here then, both the salad addicted and salad curious folk, step forward and read on. In this ranking, maybe you could even find your new favorite place!


Via Sottocorno, 19

La migliore insalata a Milano: dove mangiarla

Muzzi is a Breakfast & Salad Bar where salad is not simply a side dish, but whole meal of its own. As the star of the menu, the salads are prepared with unusual combinations of healthy ingredients. They are expertly united to create nutritious and balanced bowls, crafted from the imagination of the owner, Jessica Haase. Her creations are inspired by homemade recipes prepared by her mother when she was a child. Perfect for a light lunch.


Via Cesare Correnti 20; Piazzale di Porta Lodovica 6; Largo della Crocetta 2

La migliore insalata a Milano: dove mangiarla

Viva is an innovative natural fast food & take away format designed for lunches, quick snacks and breaks at any time of the day under the motto of “Good, Fresh and Natural.” It’s an oasis of well-being, where everything is prepared daily, using eco-friendly products (and packaging).


Via Lazzaro Spallanzani ang. Regina Giovanna, 16

La migliore insalata a Milano: dove mangiarla

V3Raw is the answer to those who are looking for raw food dishes. The concept behind it is precisely that of “live food.” Here their dishes use only raw or cooked food at temperatures not exceeding 42 degrees. The salads are a real energy boost!


Via Tadino, 15; via Melzi d’Eril, 3; via Mercato, 24; Corso Concordia, 11; Largo La Foppa, 5; Piazza Gae Aulenti

La migliore insalata a Milano: dove mangiarla

This place was born from a love for bread and a simple idea to ​​create a place where you can enjoy good food with good company. To date, the Pandenus brand boasts a gastronomic empire. The selection is wide, and salads are a must on the menu. Are you more of a classic, chicken, Greek or buffalo kind of person? Guess you’ll have to find out!

Panini Durini

Citylife, Via Buonarroti, 7; Piazza Gae Aulenti, 4; Via Spallanzani, 6; Via Bocconi, 5; Largo Donegani, 3; Via Leopardi, 7; Corso Di Porta Vittoria, 46; Corso Magenta, 31; Via Mercato, 24; Via Durini, 26; Via Manzoni, 5; Via Orefici, 5; Via Mengoni, 4

La migliore insalata a Milano: dove mangiarla

Research, passion, freshness and quality are the keywords that revolve around the “made in Italy” concept of Panini Durini. There are now many scattered locations across the city of Milan. The products are daily made and among sandwiches, toast, and inviting desserts, there are several delicious salad options, from veg, meat, and fish.

Deus Café

Via Thaon di Revel, 3

La migliore insalata a Milano: dove mangiarla

The Deus Cafè, a well-known temple of good drinking, can be accessed through a small entrance hall which leads directly into a courtyard. The location is dotted with pergolas, climbing plants and comfortable sofas. Open every day at almost all hours, it offers customers interesting menus with an international flavor. Take note of the Deus salad, with shrimp, tomato, raw zucchini, carrots and fillet bites. It’s an explosion of energy.


Via Amerigo Vespucci, 1 ang. P.zzale Principessa Clotilde

La migliore insalata a Milano: dove mangiarla

Within the walls of Soulgreen, inspiration and creativity meet. It’s a vegan restaurant with an entirely plant-based menu, comprised of recipes using only vegetable ingredients. The result is that the dishes and soul salads are a feast of colors, flowers and flavors. It’s all waiting to be discovered.

Insalatina & Bakery

Via Savona, 55

La migliore insalata a Milano: dove mangiarla

“The unusual Caprese” is one of the stars of this place. At Insalatina & Bakery, you’re welcomed by a glass counter full of fruit, vegetables and fresh seasonal raw materials. Here, you just have to indulge yourself among the different options on the menu. Whatever your choice, know that you will come out satisfied anyway.