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The best pokè bar of Milan

The latest food trend that has conquered Milan

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With the arrival of summer, there are those who hunt for last-minute diets before the holiday and those who simply seek out new, fresh tastes. Among the current food trends that meet both these needs is poke, a traditional Hawaiian dish that combines the concepts of street food and healthy cuisine in one fell swoop that took Italy, and the Milanese capital, by storm.

This colorful dish is usually served in a bowl and consists of a mix of raw fish cut into cubes (pokè in Hawaiian), rice, and fresh salad. Everything is seasoned with sauces, such as soy, and enriched with delicious ingredients, including sesame, avocado, edamame, ginger, mango, and so on.

Each bowl is designed to cater to, first and foremost, a healthy and balanced diet as well as the proper intake of calories and protein, but at the same pair delicious ingredients and colors that create a range of endless combinations.

In Milan, the city the world looks to for the newest trends, there are several places that offer this fun, exotic dish and we have selected the best poke bars for you. Enjoy!

I Love Poke Milano

Piazza dei Mercanti; Via Tortona, 20; Via Fabio Filzi, 4; Via Filippo Turati, 7; Via Sebastiano del Piombo, 23

I migliori pokè bar di Milano

The first Hawaiian poké bar in Italy, I Love Poke brought healthy food to Milan a few years ago and today boasts numerous bars all around the city. The poke bowls come in two sizes, regular and large, and mix ingredients from the Hawaiian culinary tradition in a perfectly balanced way. Here, you can choose the base of the dish, different seasonings, such as seaweed, cucumber, pineapple, and protein, including salmon, chicken, and octopus, as well as your choice of sauces. The dishes here are completely customizable!

Maui Poke – Food & Drinks

Via S. Vittore al Teatro, 3

I migliori pokè bar di Milano

A brightly-lit place with exotic furniture and decor, Maui Poke will have you dreaming of lounging on a stunning Hawaiian beach sipping a cocktail and eating fresh food! All you need to do is take a tour of their social media accounts or their website to make your mouth water. Among the offerings include delicious main courses, such as cevice and fish tacos, smoothies, drinks, exotic desserts, and diverse and colorful bowls, ranging from classic salmon to shrimp, even highlighting some vegan options. Their attention to the sustainability of the environment is translated in the care and attention of the ingredients, which are always local and organic.

Poku Poke Place

Corso Sempione, 12

I migliori pokè bar di Milano

On the walls of this place, you will find everything you would expect from a restaurant in Honolulu: surfboards, pineapples, and leis that scream “Aloha!” The atmosphere is calm and relaxed in the midst of the holiday season, just like the exotic (and original) poke variations offered by the venue, which include both fish and meat options. The former are a mix of raw freshness, combined with special ingredients, such as lotus flowers, beetroot, gazpacho, grapefruit, or sesame. The latter are the result of a cross between meat (chicken or beef), sauces, rice, and spices, such as coriander, peppers, or onions. Here, they are ready to amaze your palate with an explosion of new flavors.

Poke House 

Via Gaetano de Castillia, 24; Via Pasquale Paoli, 3; Piazza Tre Torri

I migliori pokè bar di Milano

Poke House has filled Milan with its Californian spirit and its specialties. The menu includes poke bowls (salmon, tuna, white fish, chicken, plus a vegan option), but there are also several ways to customize the bowl, in regular or large size, and design it to meet your needs and personal preferences. Another speciality of Poke House is the Hawaiian mochi, or desserts made with rice dough and filled with green tea ice cream, chocolate, coconut, mango, vanilla, or hazelnut.


Ripa di Porta Ticinese, 37; Corso Garibaldi, 59; Via Guglielmo Marconi, 4; Via Giovanni Boccaccio, 4

I migliori pokè bar di Milano

Temakinho is now an institution in the city with several locations (including abroad). Their Japanese-Brazilian fusion cuisine unites the flavors of South America with Japan in unprecedented ways. In every Temakinho restaurant, the colorful, designer furniture and lively background music conveys joy and positivity throughout the space, while you taste their diverse delicacies. In addition to the now famous temaki, roll, uramaki, and tartare, you can also try tuna, salmon, and mixed fish poke, along with a vegan variation with black rice, poke sauce, avocado, mango, wakame seaweed, edamame, green apple, tofu, and salsa verde. Accompanying your chosen dish with a caipirinha is a must! You won’t regret it.

Pokéria by NIMA

P.zza XXV Aprile, 7; Corso Venezia, 31; Corso XXII Marzo, 25; Via Vittor Pisani, 14; San Gottardo, 14; Via Raffaello Sanzio, 27

I migliori pokè bar di Milano

By now, Milan is full of places that carry the colors, textures, and specialties of this brand, which has invaded our city with its explosive flavor profile. For a lunch with friends or at work, a romantic dinner, or a simple and quick take-away, NIMA responds to all these needs and is suitable for any time of day. The menu includes different Signature Bowls (which cannot be personalized) that combine exotic flavors with Italian ingredients. If you want to create the bowl yourself, you can always opt for take-away to customize it as you wish!


Viale Piave, 33; Viale Col di Lana, 5; P.zza Gae Aulenti, 1; Corso di Porta Vittoria, 13; Viale F.sco Crispi, 15; Via Savona ang. Via Cerano (prossima apertura)

I migliori pokè bar di Milano

This café-restaurant has an unforgettable style, and has been essential in helping to bring a bit of exoticism (and a love of Japan) to the streets of Milan. MACHA Café is well-known for its special matcha-based drinks, a variety of Japanese teas with a number of beneficial properties, and for its delicious yet small poke menu (also customizable), including hawaiian, ahi tuna, salmon, ebi, and tofu/veg. Alongside these, there is a good range of other interesting proposals, which include sushi bowls, rolls, macha-style sushi, pancakes, superfood and energy acai bowls, different types of avocado toast, and desserts. The choice is yours!

Bul Milano

Viale Premuda, 16

I migliori pokè bar di Milano

At Bul Milano, they specialize in Healthy Food, vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free delicacies, from the most well-known or customized for the most particular, to try to satisfy every patron. On the menu, your eyes gravitate immediately to the appetizing bowls with strange names (Money Making In NY, to name one), and light tapioca crepes stuffed to your liking. The drinks, made with 100% fresh fruit, go well with everything. And there’s even gluten-free beer!

Poke Away

Via Santa Tecla, 5; Corso di Porta Ticinese, 1

I migliori pokè bar di Milano

Dulcis in fundo, Poke Away proposes the best of the Hawaiian-Peruvian fusion tradition, infused in their poke bowls and cevice (possibly customizable according to your preferences). There are several bowls on the menu, including their must-try signature dishes like the Machu Picchu with perch, shrimps, choclo, avocado puree, cancha, sweet potato puree, coriander, cherry tomatoes, plantain chips, and tiger milk. This place has stolen our hearts!