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At Zàini Milano at all hours

Breakfast, afternoon break, lunch and happy hour: you won't leave

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When spring arrives in Milan, the city changes its appearance and the life of each district lasts longer: from the morning until the late evening parties, walks and hundreds of events in the city will go on. One of the best areas of this season will be that of Garibaldi and Corso Como, where fun will never end. If you’re in the area, at any hour of the day, it won’t be difficult to find a point of reference, a place that has made of its name a synonym for excellence and welcomes the Milanese from morning till evening: Zàini Milano.

Zaini - Milano

During the spring, Zàini blooms like a flower, unfolding the many petals of its all-round offer to all the Milanese who want to have its nectar. We’ve already told you how good breakfasts and snacks are: between chocolate tartlets, biscuits, meringues, mini-Sacher and raspberry pastries, anyone who wants a bite (or more than one bite) of sweetness along with their morning coffee or in the middle of the afternoon will be more that satisfied. But now there’s the ice cream. A completely natural ice cream, always strictly freshly made, as tradition dictates, only with the best raw ingredients and artisanal methods.

Zaini - Milano

Of course, chocolate ice-cream deserves a special place, and that’s why the prince of this spring will be the extra-dark chocolate ice-cream made with water, much lighter than its milk-based relatives and with a much purer tast. But there are other great classics such as strawberry ice cream or vanilla ice cream, also of excellent quality, and, above all, the hazelnut one created made with superior-quality Alta Langa hazelnuts.

Zaini - Milano

But Zàini also has something in store for many others meals of the day: If you find yourself in Corso Como around noon and feel the pangs of hunger, but at the same time you don’t want to sit in the restaurant or eat a dish that, with the heat of spring, would be too heavy, at Zàini you can always opt for an open sandwich, a large slice of bread, which is already alone is a complete meal, present in four gourmet variations: two of fish, one with Prague ham and one for vegetarians.

Zaini - Milano

During the afternoon this golden corner of Via de Cristoforis changes itself to take on the appearance of a refined cocktail bar, with a drink list signed by none other than Flavio Angiolillo with twelve cocktails created ad hoc for Zàini that, at aperitif time, accompanies them with small plates of savory specialties and complementary croutons. Our favorite? Scotland, which combines the flavors of gin, the smoked ones of the Ardbeg whiskey and the rose liqueur. If you want something more fresh and gingery, instead, choose Mamie Taylor, a retro cocktail with mysterious origins brought back to life by the mixologist behind the counter.

Zaini - Milano
There are, of course, classic cocktails, regular and sparkling wines and, among the non-alcoholic proposals, the incredible nectars, authentic homemade fruit juices, made using only the freshest natural ingredients, such as Valtellina apples, wild berries grown on the shores of Lake Como, peaches and apricots from Emilia Romagna. Perfect for a good load of vitamins and water during Fuorisalone’s crazy races.

Zaini - Milano

Don’t be surprised, therefore, if during the days of Design Week you will see Zàini always full: between tasty proposals and light options you will have an excuse to visit Zàini at any time of day.


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