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Street Fish

The flavors of the world's seas in the heart of Turin

There are people who, like magic, manage to take a handful of colors, perfumes and flavors, transforming them into a real sensorial journey around the globe. Paolo Craveri and Alessandro Audrito, with Street Fish, have succeeded. They have turned their travels around the world into original dishes that you can taste in the heart of Turin.

Two childhood friends who grew up in the same neighborhood, decided after university to separate themselves in search of new experiences outside of Italy: London, Canada, Australia, Bali and in particular South America. Returning to Turin, they desired to bring all the perfumes and flavors gathered around the world home to one place.

This is how Street Fish was born, a small and charming place close to Piazza Carlo Alberto. Entering the restaurant, the first thing to catch your attention is a large open kitchen, far from what you would expect from a street food restaurant. Resembling a beautiful vault with exposed brickwork, minimal decorations in white tones, continuous tables and tall stools. Although, the real protagonists here are the dishes.

Since Street Fish has opened, we can say that their creations have become true stars of the web. The level of instagrammability is so high that even the worst detractors of #foodporn will not be able to resist the temptation to take some pictures. For both beauty and quality, talking about street food is decidedly reductive: the care and attention to detail is that of a large restaurant.

You will fall in love with the small fish pastry, ideal to introduce your palate to the taste while you decide what to order. The menu is essentially structured in three parts: Tartacos (taco artisan and tartare), Ceviches and salads plus some hot dishes and obviously fresh daily specials that you find written on the blackboard.

Some examples? Kyoto Tartaco, with tuna tartare, Savoy cabbage, red onion, mayo with Wasabi and basil or Patty salad with salmon mousse, mixed cereals, broccoli, peas, yoghurt, mint and lemon. You can indulge in the choice of Ceviches including the sea bass, Leche di Tigre, red onion, mixed peppers and valerian. If you prefer something more substantial you will find soups and fish of the day.

Each dish is an original combination of flavors that blend international cuisine with the best of Italian products and we can assure that the result is beyond what you imagine.  If you are not yet completely convinced, look through their Instagram and we are sure that just a picture will unleash your irrepressible desire of Street Fish!

We can't. That's why every week we share the best experiences turin has to offer.

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