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  • The Best Luxury Spas in Milan

    In a city famous for innovations in luxury and decadence, Milan’s uber-spas somehow manage to redefine our expectations of both. Inside some of Milan’s most exclusive hotels, you can find...

  • Armani Hotel Milano

    Armani Hotel Milano exhibits all the sophistication and elegance you have come to expect from Giorgio Armani. Armani’s whole style is contained...

    HotelGreta Castiglioni13 December 2016
  • Armani/Nobu
    Via Pisoni 1, Milano

    Milan, Wednesday evening. We are going out tonight, really making an evening of it. 12 inch heels, red lipstick, mini dress and clutch bag. #partymood: on. The ideal place for...

  • Armani/Silos
    Via Bergognone 40, Milano

    In Milan, on the cool, tree lined Via Borgognone, at number 40 Armani/Silos rises in all of its majestic elegance, an exhibition space by Giorgio Armani which was inaugurated...

  • Armani/SPA
    via manzoni 31, Milano

    “At that hour beneath the slanting sun of that winter afternoon, Paris appeared to be strewn with a luminous dust as if some invisible sower, hidden in the glory...

  • Armani/Libri
    Via Manzoni 31, Milano

    For a few decades now, via Manzoni 31 has become a legendary address in Milan. In fact this is where the commercial headquarter for the Armani Empire is based. An empire made up...

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