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The best spot to take care of themselves admiring the city

“At that hour beneath the slanting sun of that winter afternoon, Paris appeared to be strewn with a luminous dust as if some invisible sower, hidden in the glory of the heavens, had thrown his arms full of grain wide open, and who’s gold flutter was now falling everywhere.” Emile Zola describes Paris like this in 1898. With 45 pen strokes, each one a work of art, the French author builds a Parisian dream in the head of the reader. (#tip) if you would like to read Zola, who isn’t an offense player, nor a cheese, Amazon Prime could help you out delivering to you by the evening or at the very latest by the next morning your order of: “Therese Raquin”. Always start at the beginning.

In Milan we didn’t have the same architectural fortune as the capitol across the Alps, but – as is usually the case when the boot has a scratch – the Italian side hides really well. A symbol of the Italian knowhow for creation is kindly offered by Mr. Armani, who has recently sown the Milanese capitol with light: (#tip) Call him by that very name, you’ll earn respect, especially in his home, where that’s exactly what everyone calls him.

What the flawless Milanese owes to the stylist from Piacenza is the very first, real international context in Milan. When we enter the Armani Hotel, we could easily close our eyes and feel like we are on 5th Ave in New York. This is the perfect spot to relax.

Enter the Armani Hotel, say hello, take a deep breath of the Armani Bois D’Encens (#tip) if you like it, it’s for sale at the Emporio Armani on the ground floor and direct yourself towards the elevator. Go up to the Armani/Bamboo Bar, where you can get off and drink a glass of sparkling wine after having relaxed on the last floor of the building which you reached by taking a second elevator. The world will open at your feet: Armani/SPA.
Armani Spa - Vista di Milano
Because I am feeling particularly generous, I will give you this advice. I hope you can appreciate it and take advantage of it. Close Tinder for a second and take note: call and book a massage for around 6pm but get to the Spa early, when it is never crowded, around 3pm. Enjoy the warm relaxation pool, the sauna and the turkish bath. Lay out in the Relax area, drink an herbal tea, eat an apple, watch Milan through the windows. At 6pm have your massage: background music, temperature and aromas will feel like they were meant just for you.
Armani Hotel
At the end of the massage, take your time and close the perfect day with a chic aperitif, at the Armani/Bamboo Bar located on the seventh floor of the Hotel. (#tip) Maniacal but it’s top: look at the weather forecast. Make a booking when a storm is forecast. Having a massage with the sound of the rain as you see it fall on the roofs of Milan is one of those things that makes living a Flawless life worth it.

If it was a song the Armani/SPA would be One time by Marian Hill.

We can't. That's why every week we share the best experiences milan has to offer.

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