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The ideal place for dinner, perfect for a night out with friends in an extremely chic international and refined ambience.

Milan, Wednesday evening. We are going out tonight, really making an evening of it. 12 inch heels, red lipstick, mini dress and clutch bag. #partymood: on. The ideal place for dinner, for a glam evening? There’s only one option: Nobu.

At least one night a month I meet up with my #partnersincrime here. Known for some time as a #placetobe in the city, it’s perfect for a night out with friends in the mood for a good time, with the possibility to continue the evening downstairs at Armani/Privé.

Like the other restaurants in the Nobu chain, in Milan the atmosphere is extremely chic. The ambience is international and refined, the clientele ranging from fashion world figures to entrepreneurs, from financiers to socialites. Without a doubt the cherry on top is the unmistakeable class and style of Armani.

Once you are in the first stop is the large raised bar in the centre of the room on the lower floor: while waiting to be seated for dinner it is a strategic position for looking around, greeting people you know, and taking the ritual #picoftheday, as well as drinking an excellent drink by way of an aperitif.

Armani Nobu Milan

The menu offers countless fusion cooking options, all inviting and styled as #foodporn: from classic sushi, to various types of sashimi and rolls, to chef’s specials like the famous Black Cod with Miso. But we, like good regulars, order our favourite dishes, as per usual: lobster salad, new style sashimi, tiradito, tuna tartare, tempura and the sushi roll house special. As for desert, the legendary mochi ice cream is impossible to pass up: rice paste filled with green tea, vanilla and coconut ice cream.

It’s true that on nights like these you don’t mind splashing out. So we pair it all with a couple of bottles of good white wine, and the mood is totally #instagood.

Between the lights, the music, the atmosphere, the great food and the attentive service, there is such a pleasant atmosphere that time almost seems to stand still, and we don’t realise the time until we see the nightlife at the bar moving down to the lower level, including the four gentlemen in white shirts watching us from over the counter.

Just time for a quick trip to the toilets, a lip-gloss top up, and we can follow them into the coolest night out in the city: #followme.

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