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  • The Most Romantic Restaurants in Milan

    When lovers work, the time to meet up and be together is a little tight, to the detriment of romance and anniversaries. City life is beautiful but it has its...

  • Il Chiostro di Andrea
    via San Barnaba 48, Milano

    Maybe summer evenings make you exploring more your city, not just for eating well, a fundamental aspect, but also to enjoy the outdoors time in a garden, on a...

  • Osteria Perbacco
    Via Monsignor Luigi Biraghi 7, Cernusco sul Naviglio

    The sign at Osteria Perbacco is fun. A wine-colored owl with wide-eyed, comically strict eyes. Once inside it’s clear that the animal is the official mascot of the place where wooden tables are...

  • Pisco
    Via Bertani 16, Milano

    At the Arco della Pace, in summer, you can breathe holiday air. When it passes 1, one wonders if it will arrive at the end of the line directly...

  • Torre
    Via Lorenzini 14, Milano

    An art meeting. I can not find other words to describe the restaurant Torre, the last work completed by the Fondazione Prada, Ripamonti district. A former industrial area that...

  • Mimmo Milano
    Via Giuseppe Sirtori 34, Milano

    The unexpected is always better than the expected? For the supporters of positive thinking, without a doubt. But even the detractors will have to take a step back and...

  • Ristorante Santa Virginia
    Via San Marco 5, Milano

    A web of narrow and convoluted alleys envelops the passerby with the charming touch of the old Milan; the story that Brera tells us is a bewitching past of...

  • A’Riccione
    Via Torquato Taramelli 70, Milano

    You known, the best and freshest fish is eaten in Milan. If you do not agree, it’s because you’ve never been to eat it in the right places. As...

  • SlowSud
    Via delle Asole 4, Milano

    Impossible, right? But that’s what’s offered at SlowSud, a spot hidden in Via delle Asole 4, where the founding concept is to combine street food with slow food, obviously...

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