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10 restaurants to try in the Duomo area

The places for a quality gastronomic experience in this district of Milan

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Doubting where to eat and instead aimlessly wandering in the shadow of the Madonnina, has happened – at least once – to everyone; at a glance, the surroundings of the Duomo might seem overflowing with tourist traps, illustrated menus and a total absence of quality. But is it really so? As in any respectable tourist city, around the great attractions, the Duomo in our case, the quality food and wine offer is lacking; Instead, tourist restaurants abound where dishes – rigorously accompanied by steaming cappuccinos – are served at all hours.

But here we are, taking this common place apart, and showing you that in the Duomo you don’t just go to fill up on art and history, or a shopping trip: for those who know where to go, you can also combine a quality lunch or dinner, staying close to the beloved spiers. Here are 10 spots in the Duomo area that will allow you to appreciate the center!

Piedmontese Winery

Via Laghetto, 2

10 ristoranti da provare in zona Duomo

In via Laghetto there is a piece of Milan’s history, a restaurant that has recently blown out 110 candles: classy, ​​elegant, fully reflects the concept of “tradition.” Cantina Piemontese remains a staple in terms of risotto and meat, especially tartare, which is strictly Fassona. And for those who can’t resist a glass of wine, you just have to ask for the menu, where labels from small local and non-local wineries abound, united by the highest quality. During the summer, sit in the outdoor area: surrounded by greenery, enjoying delicious traditional dishes and right by the Duomo. Who would have thought?

The Twelve Cats

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II 11/12

10 ristoranti da provare in zona Duomo

The possibility to dine on the roofs of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele is in itself an incredible thing: but what is even more sensational is that at I Dodici Gatti, a pizzeria and grill, you can eat exceptionally too! Here you can get authentic neapolitan pizza, cooked in a wood oven and seasoned with carefully selected ingredients, but there is also grilled meat and a wide array of first courses. Enjoying a dinner in the style of traditional Italian cuisine from the top of the Gallery is an unmissable experience, and a demonstration of the fact that in the Duomo district there are also many quality restaurants. A challenge for you: find out where the name Twelve Cats comes from!

Slow Sud

Via delle Asole, 4

10 ristoranti da provare in zona Duomo

Mediterranean cuisine, where southern specialties excel, and a warm and informal environment, like a house in the South, where there is always room (and even a swing!). If you find yourself in that melting pot of streets surrounding the Duomo, mark this address: you can embark on a journey through the best flavors and traditions of the South, enjoying a plate of fusilli alla Norma, one of their fish-based main courses or street food. The common thread is Sicily, but the other regions are also well represented. Southern colors and scents can be found less than 500 meters from the Duomo!

Niko Romito Space

Piazza del Duomo

10 ristoranti da provare in zona Duomo CHIAMA NAVIGATORE

From the top floor of the Mercato del Duomo you can enjoy an exceptional view of the spiers, but this is a known thing. It should be equally known that Spazio, the restaurant of the multi-starred chef Niko Romito, is the right place to enjoy a lunch or dinner in front of the Duomo. Suspended between the best Italian culinary traditions and a taste for experimentation so dear to Milan, from Spazio creativity takes the upper hand, with delectable meat dishes from both the sea and land, in addition to a very rich dessert menu. Once you sit down, you will never want to get up. And let’s not just talk about the view!

Yamamoto Gastronomy

Via Amedei, 5

10 ristoranti da provare in zona Duomo

Japanese is not only synonymous with sushi, and at Gastronomia Yamamoto they know this well. This is precisely the innovation of the Japanese restaurant in via Amedei: they have distinguished themself for their use of traditional vegetables, unknown to most, sandwiches stuffed in an unusual way, and a riot of seaweed: the beauty of Gastronomia Yamamoto is being able to discover condiments and vegetables you never knew of before!

Trattoria Da Pino

Via Cerva, 14

10 ristoranti da provare in zona Duomo

A trattoria like few remain, which blends Milanese and tradition, where time seems to stand still. And it is absolutely recommended to stop for lunch, especially when you are looking for a warm and familiar environment: between a risotto or their famous boiled meat, cooked following the traditional recipe, perhaps accompanied by a glass of wine, you will have a taste of the Milanese cuisine in its best form. To make your experience even more pleasant, there are the brothers Marco and Mauro, the heirs of Pino: with their sympathy and hospitality, they will charm you!

The Arabesque Cult Store & Cafè

Largo Augusto, 10

10 ristoranti da provare in zona Duomo

A 1950s corner, where it is possible for a few hours to let time expand, forgetting commitments and daily worries. A few steps from the Duomo and at the same time away from the chaos, Arabesque Cafè is a concept store that has the appearance of a living room, and is the ideal place to meet a friend, or to carve out time between the reading corner and a lunch which favors zero km. On the menu are meat and fish dishes, which are suitable for even the most demanding palates. A creative place to get lost in the furniture and the carefully selected pieces on display, for those with a vintage soul and very high needs.

Corallo Lobster Bar

Via Santa Radegonda, 3

10 ristoranti da provare in zona Duomo

After a shopping trip at La Rinascente, it is easy to suddenly be hit with hunger. On the other hand, between the bag lifting and the race to grab the last pair of boots in your size, the energy expenditure is considerable. And also, after shopping in the temple of luxury, what is more luxurious than a lobster lunch? At the Corallo Lobster Bar on the seventh floor, you will find pasta, sandwiches, burgers and salads, blending American cuisine and Italian tradition, all with show cooking. The environment calls to mind the sea, bright and classy: enjoying a lobster roll in the center of Milan is finally possible!

Temakinho Duomo

Via Guglielmo Marconi, 4

10 ristoranti da provare in zona Duomo

We thought that fusion was a passing fad, and in some ways it was: but not in regards to Temakinho, whose uramaki are now heritage – if not humanity – at least of Milan. The latest addition, at a paltry distance from Piazza del Duomo, is the quintessence of what we loved in their other restaurants: colorful, with that irresistible exotic quid, but at the same time very Milanese. For pink addicts, this address is a dream come true: one of the rooms is decked out in various shades of pink, which is sure to brighten your day!

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