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Sweet Christmas gifts in Milan: the best places

Presents to be left under the tree, to each their own!

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At Christmas, everything is better. Even for the Grinches out there, a gourmet surprise left under the tree will make every celebration magical. Between trendy names and historic Milanese pastry shops, tradition and quality come together in products with a captivating aesthetic, for sensational greetings.

From the soft King of Milanese Christmas – the panettone – to the most imaginative variations of creams, spices and fruit, and the inevitable boxes of chocolates, candies and biscuits, they all contain the best Christmas scents. Be inspired by the glittering cards and themed decorations. Which delicious prêt-à-manger package will steal your heart (and your palate?)


Via Carlo de Cristoforis, 5

Dolci regali di Natale

The Zaini Milano boutique will enchant you as soon as you enter. With its period furniture, photographs, portraits, authentic wrapping from the beginning of the century, you will be transported to another dimension. Here, each candy bar, whether chocolate, praline or other, is a cult favorite, for both the taste and the iconic packaging, featuring vintage and pop art. Zaini Milano is the perfect address to fill up on chocolate and sweets to give away. Furthermore, it’s great for a gourmet break, from breakfast to a snack until the evening, when the lights are dim and you can enjoy amazing cocktails immersed in a fascinating atmosphere, with typical speakeasy tunes. Get enchanted by the elegant fabric packages, the advent houses, the Magic Xmas jars, and the chocolate blocks, or opt for a refined handbag full of delicious cremines and gianduiotti, for a glamorous Christmas.


Corso Genova, 1

Dolci regali di Natale

Here is a true pastry shop in Old Milan. Cucchi is a historic shop that has been producing sweet and savory delicacies for its customers since 1936, including coffee, cappuccinos and aperitifs. The timeless atmosphere welcomes us in a simple but effective location, among glass cases to display the delicacies, wooden counter, mirrors and crystal chandeliers. Cucchi’s Christmas is a great party. Taste the artisan panettone, with a soft paste without preservatives and full of raisins and candied fruit, or the original variants, with fruit and flavored creams. You can also opt for boxes of delicious sweets, including small pastries and chocolate. An auspicious pampering that bears the signatures of Milanese authenticity, all enclosed with simple yet elegant ribbons and traditional colors.


Via Spadari, 9 

Dolci regali di Natale

The temple of Milanese gastronomy opens its doors to the magic of Christmas among bright decorations that illuminate the historic city center. Born in the second half of the nineteenth century in the Lombard capital, Peck is still the destination of the gourmand patron. December is the perfect opportunity to go to Via Spadari and delight in all they offer. A whirlwind of aromas and flavors will accompany you to the array of tasty gift ideas, among excellent food and wine products. From traditional panettone, soft chocolate, crunchy nougat, dehydrated fruit and jarred honey, it’s sure to make for a Christmas to be enjoyed.


Piazza XXV Aprile, 10

Dolci regali di Natale

The great house of food and wine of the Bel Paese has been preparing to celebrate Christmas 2019 in the name of taste. A special catalog, studied ad hoc by those who know the delicacies of our territory, is ready to satisfy every desire. It draws inspiration from regional traditions and the best flavors that characterize our Peninsula, from North to South. From the classic Milanese panettone, to chocolate delicacies, up to linden honey: get ready for an unusual, rigorously Italian tour. Choose your favorite themed basket or make your own, for a tailor made Christmas wish come true.


Piazza Duomo

Dolci regali di Natale

On the seventh floor of La Rinascente, overlooking the wonderful spiers of the Duomo, a space entirely dedicated to the excellence of Italy welcomes curious customers, who are fascinated by the excellent quality of the fresh ingredients of the Bel Paese. Displayed on elegant shelves, sweet and savory products in gorgeous packaging will captivate your eyes, for a refined taste experience from first sight. Jams, preserves, candies and chocolate will make Christmas even more elegant, with delicate surprises. Select your favorite products or ask for the help of a very professional personal shopper to compose a gift box for true connoisseurs. Giving the perfect gift has never been so tasty.


Piazzale di Porta Lodovica, 2

Dolci regali di Natale

Since 1961, Pasticceria Gattullo has enchanted the palates of both young and old, thanks to artisan products created in the shop’s laboratory. The family history meets the cornerstones of its sweet and savory creations, in the tradition and quality of the fresh ingredients. In a location that showcases the conviviality of Old Milan, Christmas lives with joy. The Christmas Village set up in the patisserie will welcome you to discover amazing gifts to taste. The options are endless, from the panettone stuffed with Chantilly cream to its traditional version, and the soft spreadable creams, including assorted chocolates, jams, nougats and marrons glacés. For a magical Christmas, a golden package is waiting just for you.


Via Santa Maria alla Porta 11/a

Dolci regali di Natale

Established in Milan since 1824, Pasticceria Marchesi embodies the elegance of a timeless location. Set in the historic center of the city, it exists between the rattling of trams and buildings of Old Milan. Here is where many Milanese choose to buy the King of Christmas in his traditional guise, or without candied fruit, always enclosed within the traditional white paper with their golden logo. But there is so much more than panettone. You’ll be enticed by the buttery pandoro, the packs of chocolates, nougats, candies and spreads, or the large gianduiotti with golden wrapping and jams and puddings in powder. For a real surprise, Marchesi’s signature will not disappoint even the most demanding expectations.


Corso Matteotti, 7

Dolci regali di Natale

Since 1936, the sweetest parlor in the city has welcomed you to celebrate Christmas, with authentic pastry products and true connoisseurs. Enter this historic location, where time seems to stand still, and take a seat at the elegant tables. Sip a coffee accompanied by a soft brioche as you wait to find inspiration for the gifts you’ll leave under the tree. Christmas packages and baskets in different shapes will satisfy every desire, starting from the initial glance. Get a refined salmon-colored paper decorated with scenes from the life of Sant Ambroeus, the original logo of the pastry shop and a delicate satin ribbon to close it all. Inside, there’s an explosion of taste. Here you’ll find small works of art that will delight anyone.


Viale Coni Zugna, 57

Dolci regali di Natale

Among wallpapers with hot air balloons, elegant lamps and velvet armchairs, the history of Pasticceria Clivati is told through the authenticity of its products. From breakfast to an aperitif, this restaurant only a few steps from Tortona and Navigli delights its guests with fresh ingredients. Since 1996, it has accompanied the neighborhood’s moments of relaxation. During the month of December, the windows are transformed. Between leavened products, fresh pastries and intoxicating chocolate, Christmas magic comes to life, with a special setting, which is different every year. Choose your auspicious gift. They have traditional or variegated panettone, artisanal sweetness enclosed in elegant pastel-colored packages and satin ribbons that will give a touch of sophistication to your unpacking under the tree.


Via Metauro, 11  

Dolci regali di Natale

From the love for pastry and homemade pasta, Pastamordolce was born, a craft workshop where you can rediscover the flavors of the tradition of the Bel Paese, with sweet pampering and savory treats. After a long history linked to the supply of illustrious hotels and restaurants in the Milanese gastronomic panorama, Pastamordolce has decided to do it by itself and open the sale to the public, with a wide selection of cakes for all tastes, small pastries and fresh pasta according to the season of the fresh ingredients. To prepare for the Christmas holidays, the laboratory produces traditional panettone or to be personalized with fruit and creams, pandori, Venetian blinds and small cadeaux, such as pralines, gianduiotti and fruit jellies. Do not miss the opportunity to order your favorite Christmas basket, the perfect combination of authenticity and gourmet innovation.

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