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Imaginative cuisine and sophisticated design for a combination of quality

There are places that have the power to influence people’s mood. Feeling good is sometimes dictated by a simple detail that when combined with as many details creates an emotion. Konnubio has exactly this power: combining many details in a harmonious balance that embrace food and design.

It seems almost impossible but via dei Conti is a small oasis of peace set among the noisy and busy streets adjacent to the San Lorenzo market. For some reason, there are very few tourists here, despite the fact that we are very close to the central Duomo.

Right in this street overlook the windows of Konnubio, an oasis of unusual beauty halfway between the art gallery and the design boutique. The cream tones and soft lighting give the room the charisma of a refined and elegant but not too formal place. Luminous bulbs that fall from the ceiling illuminate the fine upholstery of chairs and sofas that sometimes give way to wooden chairs and benches. Inspiration, imagination and creativity animate every detail, giving life not only to the environment but also to a gourmet menu, signed by the famous chef Beatrice Segoni.

Expect real masterpieces of culinary art to be enjoyed with the palate and eyes along a real sensory journey that will take you from the scents of the sea to the substance of the land proposals. Here then is the baccalà creamed with parsley pesto, colatura and puffed quinoa or the crispy polenta with burnt onion, fossa cheese, radicchio and rigatino. Lose yourself in the flavors of the ossobuco cappelletti with roast, burrata and lime foam or taste the pumpkin roast, chestnut chutney, spicy fig, walnuts and licorice.

Konnubio also opens its doors for delicious breakfasts and gourmet lunches with an entirely dedicated proposal and aperitifs to be consumed in the magnificent internal courtyard.

Virginia Woolf said: “One cannot suffer well, love well, sleep well, if he has not eaten well”, and Konnubio is the exact place where this sentence finds a tasty and real declination.

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