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The Best Perfumeries of Florence

The unmissable addresses in the city for perfume lovers

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Perhaps not everyone knows this, but the oldest perfumery in Europe is located right in Florence. The city on the Arno was the place where, after the Middle Ages, the art of perfumes prospered more, influencing the birth of the great perfume manufacturers in the rest of Europe. Even today, artistic perfumery and artisanal laboratories appear on the city streets, elegant boutiques where the refinement and sophistication of this art reaches the highest levels.

We have listed below the five Florentine perfumeries we prefer, places full of history, full of creative energy and knowledge; places that carry on a unique tradition, one of the many of which Florence can boast. Prepare your sense of smell, because there will be many surprises ahead of you.

Officina profumo-farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella

Via Madonnina, 11/R

Le 5 profumerie migliori di Firenze

The first, the great institution of perfume not only in Italy but throughout Europe. Open uninterruptedly since 1621, the Officina, also called Farmacia di Santa Maria Novella is not only beautiful thanks to its incredible historical environments but it is also one of the best perfumeries in the world. Its aromatic waters, its colonies and its lotions have been famous for centuries and today distributed in boutiques all over the world. If you love perfume and you’re around Florence you can’t miss this address.

Jo Malone London

Via degli Speziali, 8/R

Le 5 profumerie migliori di Firenze

In the street where in the past were located the shops of apothecaries, perfumers and pharmacists ante litteram, this English brand has opened its exclusive boutique. A place of refinement, equipped with a private area for advice and events, a Tasting Bar where you can try and compose your own tailor-made fragrances as you like, being able to say its own also on the decoration of your bottles, thanks to the art of Fragrance combining ™. In a central position, between the Duomo and Piazza Repubblica, Jo Malone London boutique is the contemporary address for all lovers of the finest fragrances.

Dr. Vranjes Firenze

Via San Gallo 63 R, Via della Spada, 9/R, Borgo La Croce 44 R

Le 5 profumerie migliori di Firenze

With three boutiques in Florence and five others in the main Italian cities, this brand is one of the best on the market. Dr. Paolo Vranjes, a pharmacist, chemist and cosmetologist, really put all his heart into creating an atmosphere and an aesthetic that enveloped his clients, awakening in them the love for the world of artistic fragrances. Florence and its infinite collection of beauties is a perpetual inspiration for the team of this sophisticated brand.

Olfattorio – Bar à Parfums

Via de’ Tornabuoni, 6/R

Le 5 profumerie migliori di Firenze

Not just one of the main distributors of artistic perfumery, but also a place that combines modern dynamism with ancient inspirations. Merit of the incredible historical location, which blends historical architecture with contemporary elements, and thanks to the great professional competence of the team at work between bottles and bottles of essences that will guide you through a real olfactive journey that you can continue even out of the store thanks to the “olfactory glasses” designed by Giovanni Gaidano.

Lorenzo Villoresi Firenze

Via de’ Bardi, 12/R
Le 5 profumerie migliori di Firenze

A few steps from the Ponte delle Grazie, in Oltrarno, you will find the beautiful boutique that bears the name of this creative, awarded in 2006 with the “Prix Francois Coty”, a prestigious international award. In this olfactory atelier, each fragrance is thought of as an artistic creation, independent of fashions or trends and endowed with its own, autonomous aesthetic value. The boutique also includes a museum and a perfume academy, demonstrating the artisan values ​​that underlie the philosophy of this brand.

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