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The Best Street Foods of Milan

With these hot spots there is no turning back to the same old pizza!

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Nature is blooming and filling the air with subtle flower scents, and no wonder that we tend to move our lives outside as much as we can. Backdoor43 has taken note of it a long time ago, putting its money where its mouth is with a concept of cocktails to go. Drinks and food go hand in hand, and we have cherry picked the best street foods in Milan (of which not even one sells same old pizza!), for you to finally own the occasions when all outside tables are taken, unlimited aperitivo food has made you gain well over a couple of kilos, or when a cure is needed to not let hunger ruin a romantic park soiree.

Plus, packing snacks for a Como day trip by yourself is never fun! These hot spots are everything you need to defy the rules and timings of eating out: relish in the sun with your favorite jams and great company, or watch the stars reflect in your partner’s eyes – with a gourmet meal to follow, wherever you are and whichever diet you are on, they will be delish and yours in a matter of minutes! Yum!


LET’S WOK – GOOD FOOD GOOD MOOD | Via Panfilo Castaldi 40 – €

Let's Wok - Box Asporto

A wok restaurant in the heart of Porta Venezia: here you can compose your take out box picking your favorite ingredients depending on the season of the year, all fresh, organic and above all delish! Alternatively, take a look at the menu proposals: six researched combinations based on the biochemistry of ingredients to provide you with a meal that meets your needs best. A true flavor explosion that will make you come back again, again and again.


RAVIOLERIA SARPI | Via Paolo Sarpi 27 – €

Ravioleria Sarpi - Ravioli

In the heart of Chinatown you will come across some of the best of what China can offer gastronomically – Chinese dumplings, which can compete in deliciousness with those in the streets of Tianjin and Shandong. There is no need to remember the name of the place: when you see a huge line of people from all walks of life stretched long across the street – that’s it. And the wait is rewarded tenfold when you hold a steamy plate, bite the first juicy dumpling with chicken or beef, and have a total gourmet joy meltdown. Your companion, instead, could take a Chinese pancake, stuffed with youtiao (a Chinese snack), eggs and sausage, so you can double the joy by biting off of each other’s food!


TOASTERIA ITALIANA | Piazza Argentina 1 – € €

Toasteria Italiana

A toast. What more simple can one think of, which yet can fully represent the nuanced excellence of the Italian cuisine? Or at least, it can do so if done the Toasteria Italiana way, with top quality Made in Italy ingredients turning toasted bread into a gourmet delicacy. When strolling in Corso Buenos Aires, especially if your love for window shopping has made you miss the lunch hours (this place is open all day, except for Sundays), enjoy their toasts combined with prosecco or an organic juice smoothie – an improvised quiet retreat away from the center guaranteed. After all, as they say, all ingenious is simple.


V3RAW | Via Spallanzani Angolo Viale Regina Giovanna – € €

v3Raw Milano

V3Raw is the next big thing in Milan, rebranding the whole notion of snacking from rushed and heavy to light and purposeful, providing healthy alternatives to your grandpa’s favorites ham and cheese piadina. And it’s about time! The menu offers healthy and vegan options, such as yogurt, cold-pressed juices, smoothies, salads and wholemeal toast with ingredients on top that are actually good for you. No funny stuff! And if that wasn’t enough, they have gone much further in incorporating healthiness in their brand DNA, giving fitness advice and helping you stay on point with sports events held throughout the year. No more excuses postpone becoming your best self!


MORSO BURGER | Via Montebello 7 – €

Morso Burger - Milano

In the heart of Brera Fabio and Erika, a very young couple, both in life and at work, have managed to translate their like-mindedness into the perfect recipe for a menu that is out of the ordinary, perfectly balanced and full of passion. A select few burger buns featuring refined combinations of the highest quality ingredients that create a burst of flavors. Take a trip and order their burgers for takeout to eat right away at Parco Sempione, or do it via Foodora or Deliveroo.

TRAMÉ | Piazza San Simpliciano – €


For those missing Venice, biting into a tramezzino, a traditional Venetian triangle of soft white bread, can make their day. A bar in the old town near Brera with a poetic name Tramé, offers just that and much more, wholly recreating the atmosphere of a legendary Venetian bacaro (Venetian bars), so you also won’t need to go far for an authentic spritz! What would you like inside your tramezzino? The choices will take your mind on your favorite Venice itinerary: Rialto for refined combinations, San Marco for ones with DOP cold cuts, Lido for specialties with fish, Canal Grande for the vegetarians. One item to order from this menu is definitely a number too small!


LUINI MILANO | Via Santa Radegonda 16 – €

Luini Milano

Milan as we know it wouldn’t be the same without the legend carried through three generations for over 60 years by the Luini family: Luini Panzerotti. And queuing to get your aromatic freshly fried Puglian street food is somewhere on the same level as shopping in the fashion quarter or chilling in the Duomo square. Luckily, you can combine all, because the place is just two steps away in Via Santa Radegonda. We go for the classic: the softest dough inside of a thin fried layer, with fresh mozzarella and tomato melting in your mouth, which is however fully customizable, from the way of cooking (fried or a healthier baked option), to the fillings ranging from ham or eggplant to even chocolate! Truly a legend in its own time.

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