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The Most Romantic Restaurants in Milan

Elegance, romance, gastronomy. Do not treat this day like any other one.

When lovers work, the time to meet up and be together is a little tight, to the detriment of romance and anniversaries. City life is beautiful but it has its price: hurry. We do everything in a hurry, continuously, and finding free moments to enjoy leisure, tranquility and pleasure is increasingly difficult. Often those moments are confined to the night hours, when the offices close and the work ends, but that’s not reason enough to renounce it. When we are with the person we love, it’s never just a dinner, right? It’s time spent together, it’s giving oneself to their loved one for the evening, it’s needing to be together despite everything.

It would be wiser to make this dinner special, then, don’t you think? We thought long and hard about what could be the most romantic restaurants in Milan and we have found nine. The characteristic that binds them together? None, except that they are perfect places to fall in love. Every love, after all, is a comedy and every comedy requires a time and place. The ones we’re talking about are simply perfect. So don’t be afraid (because it takes courage even to fall in love) and walk the scenes: the ending of the comedy will be the one you expected.

Giacomo Arengario

Via Guglielmo Marconi, 1

An exclusive view of the wonderful Piazza Duomo, almost touching the spires of Milan’s Cathedral and a stone’s throw from the sky. This view’s enjoyable from the extremely elegant Giacomo Arengario, the restaurant that offers a gastronomic journey to discover true Italian tradition. Here, genuine ingredients and regional flavors are intertwined with a design location, transporting the guest in a space travel through materials from the 1930s onwards, between wood, metal and glass. Your candlelight dinner will be breathtaking for sure.

Al Mercante

Via Cesare Cantù, 7

What could be more romantic than a dinner under the timeless beauties of Pinacoteca Ambrosiana? Infact it is here that Al Mercante, from the early ‘900s nestled in the streets that infuse Milan’s historic center with its vitality, reserves its guests a kitchen that warms the heart and captivates the palate. Organic flour, sustainable meat, fruit and vegetables according to the availability of the season ensure, along with the great experience of the kitchen team, preparations that conquer from the first bite with the unmistakable imprint of high quality. The rest of the experience it’s all due to the location, an elegant environment designed by Nicola Gallizia that combines history and spirit of innovation.


Via Giovanni Rasori, 12

Insieme was born from the inspiration and passion of Federica and Alessandro as a gastronomic sign, meeting place, ground of research and inspiration. It is a delicate and young restaurant, where pastel pink and sky blue walls meet betwee natural palettes, enriched by an elegant bottle hanging on the wall. The open kitchen, separated from the dining room by a large window, is the realm of freshness and excellency: seasonal proposals follow one another in a whirlwind of colors to tell a gastronomic tale of the Bel Paese, between tradition and experimentation. As a welcome, the staff offers warm and fragrant seasoned bread with the authentic taste of nature: who begins well, is already half the work.

La Brisa

Via Brisa, 15

I Ristoranti a Milano da Provare a Luglio

In the heart of the historic center stands La Brisa, a small gastronomic treasure chest overlooking the remains of an ancient Roman palace. The love for refined cuisine and seasonality, combined with Lombard tradition and creative flair, meets a refined location that between wood, glass and natural palettes reveals a relaxed and intimate setting for a candlelight dinner surrounded by artworks. A wonderful veranda will lead you to discover the garden surrounded by branches of large lime trees, where you can rediscover the silence of a secret Milan, between history and gourmet proposals.

La Taverna della Trisa

Via Francesco Ferrucci, 1 

A few steps from the lively area of Arco della Pace, a small refuge on the ground floor of a Milanese building offers authentic recipes of the most traditional Trentino cuisine. Between dark wood, chromatic palettes inspired by the colors of the forest, landscape paintings and abat-jours with a vintage touch, a menu of seasonal inspiration combines game, lake fish, vegetables and cheese in an intense celebration of the territory. Pamper yourself in this muffled atmosphere, ideally with a glass of local wine, and gently conclude your dinner with a soft dessert, accompanied by caramelized fruit and aromatic grappa with the heady scent of herbs and mountain flowers.

Antica Osteria Il Ronchettino

Via Lelio Basso, 9

Where the hectic streets of Milan meet the first green fields, an ancient farmhouse dating back to the ‘600s rests in a suggestive location, between exposed brick walls, original vaults, white boiserie and retro details. The restaurant realizes every gourmand’s dream with a rich and traditional culinary proposal written by hand on small bound notebooks: risotto al salto and mondeghili alternate with the famous “elephant’s ear”, fresh pasta and strictly home-made preparations combined with national wine labels. The sensation of home and kitchen “as it onece was”: an unforgettable address for a true-romantics-proof dinner.

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