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The Most Romantic Restaurants in Milan

Elegance, romance, gastronomy. Do not treat this day like any other one.

When lovers work, the time to meet up and be together is a little tight, to the detriment of romance and anniversaries. City life is beautiful but it has its price: hurry. We do everything in a hurry, continuously, and finding free moments to enjoy leisure, tranquility and pleasure is increasingly difficult. Often those moments are confined to the night hours, when the offices close and the work ends, but that’s not reason enough to renounce it. When we are with the person we love, it’s never just a dinner, right? It’s time spent together, it’s giving oneself to their loved one for the evening, it’s needing to be together despite everything.

It would be wiser to make this dinner special, then, don’t you think? We thought long and hard about what could be the most romantic restaurants in Milan and we have found nine. The characteristic that binds them together? None, except that they are perfect places to fall in love. Every love, after all, is a comedy and every comedy requires a time and place. The ones we’re talking about are simply perfect. So don’t be afraid (because it takes courage even to fall in love) and walk the scenes: the ending of the comedy will be the one you expected.

La Cupola at Park Hyatt

Via Tommaso Grossi, 1


What better way to celebrate your love than in the heart of one of the city’s most opulent hotels, under the gleam of a nine meters-high glass dome, among soft lights and stained glass windows – especially if the gastronomic proposal is cured by chef Aprea, who does not skimp on oysters, risottos or roasted lobsters. La Cupola confirms once again the calling to excellence that characterizes every facet of Park Hyatt’s brand of luxury.

Il Santa – Bistrò Moderno

Via Melchiorre Gioia, 37

Il Santa - Bistrò Moderno | Milano

The romantic location is there, with indirect lights and the sophisticated design atmosphere, which makes you feel like you are in a New York loft rather than in Milan; the chef (and what a chef!) is there, with his dishes that recall near and far traditions, haute cuisine and refined dishes, with presentations that border design. For the rest, you must be there too. What do we guarantee that will leave you amazed? The richness and originality of the menu and the carefulness and precision of the service. Your dinner will be as sparkling as a flute of champagne: every dish, every glass, every detail will only stimulate your senses. When you leave to get back home, your evening together will have just begun.


Piazza Belgioioso, 2

San Valentino - Milano - Boeucc

The Boeucc has more than three hundred years of history under its belt- it literally is older than Italy as a united nation. Trust us, in here they know what a romantic, old-style candle-light dinner is. With an elegant hall with vaulted ceilings, columns, boiseries on the walls, silverware and crystal glasses on the tables, spending time here with your significant other means to fully experience all the beauty and elegance of the aristocratic, old-time Milan. Their veal ossobuco is perhaps the purest distillate of Milanese gastronomic art in the city. Their fish option is just as excellent. Their secret? In two words: simplicity and perfection. Unmissable.

Les Gitanes Bistrot

Via Forcella, 2/A

San Valentino - Milano - Les Gitanes Bistrot

“Away from the maddening crowd”, as Thomas Hardy once wrote. Separated, thanks to the work of some magic, from the babelic chaos in which we are immersed, Les Gitanes possesses a timeless elegance: a sleek aesthetic in the middle between concept design and a ‘50s-style lounge. The most striking features are the colors: white and black that alternate on the walls like a Doppler effect, furniture with modern lines in the main hall, parquet with warm tones. The menu is limited but refined, as befits all those restaurants that invite their guests to share their vision with them, to live an experience and enjoy a precise and specific aesthetic.

Osteria La Voliera

Via Crema, 17

San Valentino - Milano - La Voliera

Purity, linearity, whiteness.  The aviary that gives its name to the restaurant is the first thing you will see when you step in, reminding you of eras when even a game could turn into an inimitable refinement. Marinella and Francesca, matrons of the house, administer it as a small fairy-tale kingdom. The detail we prefer is certainly the wall decorated only with essential ceramic plates, a symbol of a daily stylishness, which doesn’t want to draw too much attention. As for the food, you will find a varied and very sophisticated menu that will give joy to every gourmand. Unforgettable.

Sixième Bistrò

Via Scaldasole, 7

Six project - Milano
A small, quiet street a stone’s throw away from Sant’Eustorgio, a hidden and cozy location, with few seats, overlooking a small internal courtyard with a refined, striking cuisine- Sixième Bistrò is all this and much more. Part of a larger project that wants to integrate food, product and flower design, Sixième has its own aesthetic: urban and elegant but with contaminations of modernism and a cult of essential and sinuous lines. This place is different from all the others: it has the soul of a high-end restaurant in the youthful, refined and smart body of a contemporary bistro.


Via Palestro, 16

San Valentino - Milano - LùBar

Airy atmospheres, with lots of light and vegetal and neoclassical touches for this bistro located inside the Modern Art Gallery, at the Villa Reale. It is difficult to find more princely places in town.. The gastronomic imprint of the menu is distinctly Sicilian, rich in maritime aromas (excellent spaghetti with red tuna’s bottarga, which is something like caviar), but that doesn’t renounce to absorb suggestions from other regional gastronomies. If a romantic and dreamy evening is what you are looking for, the LùBar is the place to visit.


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