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5 pizzerias in Milan that are one of a kind

Yes, and it will be mindblowing!

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Pizza is the most famous Italian food in the world, along with Pasta. A simple recipe prepared with organic ingredients leads to thousands of possible variations (though, please let’s do without pineapples on top), which has become the source of our varied gastronomy, very popular in every corner of the country, especially in our Milan where you bump into a pizzeria at every corner. But there are pizzas and pizzas, of course. For those of us who are not extravagant, their value lies in top quality ingredients, the sheer perfection of dough and cooking, and in the skill of the cook’s hands. No more is required for perfection – its beauty lies in its simplicity.

We at Flawless Milano are head over heels in love with this dish, and we have selected the five pizzerias of Milan which have gone an extra mile, where excellence and tradition are celebrated but the ear is tuned to the latest cries of innovation and creativity.

AMAMI | Via Amerigo Vespucci 1

5 pizzerie di Milano uniche nel loro genere | AmaMi

The cornerstone of AmaMi is the unleavened pizza: light, slim and crunchy and with the characteristic longer shape. When you sit at the table, with a mouthwatering smell it gets served to you on wooden cutting boards, looking like the best meal in the world. But this spot, almost halfway between Repubblica and Corso Como, is not just about pizzas. There are cheeses and cold cuts for the aperitif, great dishes, and desserts to spin your head around. We recommend booking in advance – the place is busy. Our trusted favorite for a lunch break or for a light pizza just after work.

BERBERÈ | Via Sebenico 21

5 pizzerie di Milano uniche nel loro genere | BerberèPhoto credit © Francesca Sara Cauli

Elegance minimal chic characterizes this restaurant in the heart of Isola, two steps away from the metro stop. The two owners and founders, who have five other restaurants in Italy (in Turin, in Florence, in Bologna, in Rome and in Castel Maggiore), have been in the profession for seven years, true experts, always engaged in raw material research to find something fresher and more genuine. Their products are 100% organic, with the possibility to choose the type of dough and the ubiquitous living sourdough, the signature of the house. If at Expo you’ve seen the enormous line in front of their stand, you know what we are talking about.

BRISCOLA PIZZA SOCIETY | Via Antonio Fogazzaro 9 & Via Piero della Francesca 31

Briscola - Pizza Society | Bis Piccole

Close to Viale Monte Nero, a stone’s throw from Cinque Giornate, Briscola is one of the most original pizzerias in the city. Their pizza is light as a cloud (the doughs are all leavened for at least 24 hours), with fresh ingredients and delicious combinations. But that’s not all. Have you ever experienced, even after reading the menu, the indecisiveness on what pizza to choose? Well, at Briscola you won’t need to choose: just need to order the “little pizzas”, two slightly smaller pizzas of different kinds, to combine whatever you like. The room is small and attentively furnished, providing a cheerful atmosphere. Book before going, some nights it’s almost invaded by people!

LIEVITÀ | Via Carlo Ravizza 11 & Via Pasquale Sottocorno 17

Lievità - Pizzeria Gourmet

Flourishing in two locations, this is one of the best gourmet pizzerias in the whole city of Milan. Careful attention to raw materials, artisanal beers, seasonal ingredients. The pizzas are actually just the beginning, other centerpieces of the menu are focaccias, and, of course, the starters. If sought-after combinations are what you are looking for, this is definitely the place to your liking.

BE BOP | Viale Col di Lana 4

5 pizzerie di Milano uniche nel loro genere | Be BopPhoto credit © Be Bop

The vegan and gluten-intolerant paradise is two steps away from Ticinese and is called Be Bop, a retro name for a restaurant that could not look more modern. The dough of regular pizzas is made with soft wheat flour, soy flour and wheat germ, and for intolerant there is even a separate oven for not only gluten-free but also lactose-free. The pizzeria is just one side of the medal: the rest of the selection is excellent, a rich and customizable offering. An absolute must try.

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