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5 reasons to have a Brompton in Milan

The perfect bike to experience the city in a new way

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Moving around big and busy cities is a challenge that we have to face every day. In Milan, with the new sharing mobility, we are literally full of alternatives, but more and more people opt for the good old bicycle and for its practicality. It allows you to bypass the traffic, avoid parking, and it’s a healthy and ecological way to get around. Brompton, a well-known British brand founded in 1980 and a leader in the folding bicycle market, takes a step forward.

The answer to this demand combines performance, comfort and personality in a single object. The quality of the materials used and the design which is studied in its smallest details allow Brompton to have a performance equal to, if not higher than, a traditional bike and guarantee of a longer duration. If you’re still not convinced, take a ride from the Brompton Junction store in Porta Venezia, and you’ll understand why you should have one (in addition to the following reasons).


5 motivi per avere una Brompton a Milano

Forget about any folding bikes you have ever tried, here we are talking about the maximum comfort in a very small space. Practical and light, Brompton bends and reopens itself in three easy steps and thanks to its practically nil weight, up to ten kilos, you can take it anywhere. The saddle becomes a handle and two accessory wheels allow you an incredible facility of transport. So, by subway or bus, it will be like carrying a small hand baggage that once you get to the office you can place it under your desk, taking up the little space as possible and offering you the maximum comfort.


5 motivi per avere una Brompton a Milano

Consider that it’s a very small trunk, like the one of a Smart, which can accommodate two Brompton without any problem. It means that you can take it with you for out-of-town trips and enjoy your destination on your bike without worries of mounting bulky bike racks on you car or finding a safe place to tie them up. If you travel by train or plane, there are also handy bags and practical trolleys to store and transport your Brompton without taking the risk of ruining it.


5 motivi per avere una Brompton a Milano

And this is precisely the point: no racks or poles and no cumbersome bolts. Being able to take your Brompton means not being worried about theft and damage. At home, in the office and even in the bar, you can always have an eye on your bike!


5 motivi per avere una Brompton a Milano

Most of the folding bicycles we are used to, even if they are comfortable, they don’t have a nice look, let’s face it. Brompton, with its unique design, also comes with the aesthetic need to stand out from all other bikes with its class and style. There are more than 16,900 combinations of accessories, components and colors that you can choose to create the bike that fully reflects your personality. In addition, the new range of metallic colors is coming soon, and you’ll find them at the Brompton Junction store in Porta Venezia.


5 motivi per avere una Brompton a Milano

Owning a Brompton is a sign of identity.  It means becoming part of a world of lovers, who exchange opinions and advices, helping you to find an answer for all your questions.  It starts from Brompton Junction: at Porta Venezia store, you won’t find simple bikes, but a passionate and enthusiastic staff that will follow you in your every decision before and especially after the purchase. It’s a real reference point, which keeps as strength its personal and direct relationship with people, who from that moment will no longer be simple customers, but real traveling partners in the Brompton world.

Maybe a Brompton will not be forever, but we can say that it’s very close to it.


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