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The addresses for coffee and pastries in Milan

Coffe and small pastries, a totally Italian format. Here's where you can find the best addresses.

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An often overlooked element of Italian culinary culture is the combination of coffee and pastries. It may sound insignificant, it’s true, but it’s an all-Italian thing to do a short supply break, an energetic pit-stop, accompanying the sweet of the pastries with the bitterness of coffee.

The format owes its success and its diffusion to its versatility. An espresso, short or long that it may be, is its invariable element. The sweet part is the one that varies, going from tiny pralines to slices of cake. Most of the time, however, it is just a regular pastry. What do we mean by pastry? Any small dessert can be. The only real requirement, however, is the versatility: a coffee with pastry can become breakfast, a mid-morning break, it can close a lunch or a dinner.

The list that we have made for you contains some suggestions on the best places to take your espresso with a small pastry to follow. Places to go, maybe, to put a new spin to the usual lunch break and finish it with a small delicacy.


Via Cagliero, 14

Pasticceria Martesana

Their bakery, which is unlike any other in the city, produces all sorts of treats in addition to their more famous pastries. These include chantilly cream puffs, cannoncini, babà, and baci di dama. You will find an exceptional variety and and amazing combinations of originality, taste, quality and consistency. You can also sample their mini cheese cake, mini creme brulee, Bavarian cakes, pistachio, coffee and mini mouse.


Via Carlo de Cristoforis, 5

Cioccolato e Papillon | Zaini & Made in Carcere

Zaini is a paradise for chocolate lovers, everybody knows that. It’s perfect for a high quality afternoon break surrounded by the charm of a timeless location, order a coffee, maybe a marocchino if you feel like it, to accompany one of their incredible tartlets. Those with chocolate cream and berries are delicious. If you have an appetite, instead, we recommend their Venetian brioche and, if you are chocolate lovers and you do not want anything else, the mini-muffins are the right thing for you. In any case, your break will be truly satisfying.


Via Montebello, 7

Best of Mi. Gennaio 2018 - Milano

A Provençal summer residence rustic-chic vibe, low tables of striped marble and a buffet of sweets at the entrance that will stimulate your curiosity as much as your appetite. But, while you’re ordering your coffee at the counter, we invite you to pay attention to those small golden pastries under the glass bell: they are the cannelés, small sweets of the Burgundian tradition. Obviously, together with the espresso they’re something sublime. Soft and delicate, with a scent of vanilla and covered with a thin caramelized layer, these sweets will become the definitive signature of your break at any hour of the day.

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