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Excellence and simplicity blend in a perfect combination on the seventh floor of the Armani/Hotel Milano

Suddenly, a flood of light flashes and surrounds you, making you feel closer than ever to the Milanese sky. Even on the greyest of days, at this restaurant, the light still manages to shine through. Once you enter the main hall of Armani/Ristorante on the beautiful seventh floor of the Armani/Hotel Milano, you almost feel the urge to put your sunglasses on. Every day, even though it’s inside, the huge windows that surround the entire floor give off enough light to compensate for any deficiency in the darkest of times.

Armani/Ristorante - Milano

As I walk on the shiny, black, and white checkered floor, I feel myself disrupting the almost surreal silence around me. Rays of sunshine penetrate the shutters that cover the glass walls, a distinguishing feature of the hotel, creating a perfect blend of both enormity and breadth. Surrounded by the roofs and terraces of the city (with a view of the Cathedral included), right in the center of the frenzied urban spirit, I find myself relieved and protected by a haven of peace. It’s in this moment that waiting online for a table at one of the crowded and noisy cafés around the office at lunchtime seems absurd.

Altogether, the ambiance emanates an elegant and sophisticated allure in line with the characteristic “Armani style.” It’s impossible not to notice the attention to detail in every corner. The staff is well-trained and offers a service that is more of an experience, rather than just a simple meal.

And so, from the very moment I walked to my table, a feeling of warmth overcame my senses. The cuisine consists of dishes with a delicious and refined soul. The local culinary traditions are respected yet reinterpreted with surprising and bold combinations. Their particular penchant for high-quality ingredients characterizes their offerings that unite technique, style, and rich history with exotic flavors. To put it in “Armani” terms, it boasts an incredible culinary elegance, complete with an exclusive wine cellar and private lunch option.

Armani/Ristorante - Milano

You absolutely must try it for dinner, for it is an unparalleled experience! If you want to live the full Armani experience, the aperitif at sunset in the adjacent Armani/Bamboo Bar will make your day!

To sum it up, excellence and simplicity blend to create a perfect combination that is, without a shadow of a doubt, a flawless experience.

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