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Atelier Emé

Every woman's modern dream is in Via Manzoni, 17

In Via Alessandro Manzoni 17, surrounded by the charm of beautiful Milan, the one that always gives the best of itself, there’s a place made to make you feel special, to accompany you on that fantastic journey that starts from a promise and lasts a lifetime: Atelier Emé.

Atelier Emé - Milano

Getting to the day of “I do’s” is a climb of emotions that marks the mood and memories of every woman’s life in an indelible way. Each with her mood, her style, her personality, it will be difficult even for the most composed one not to be overwhelmed by the organization and details, which, as they have always taught us, will make the difference in every guests’ eyes. But for once, the most important thing to remember is only one: be comfortable with yourself and with your man, and you owe that to yourself.

Atelier Emé - Milano

So, doing things by the book, the right way to start is a vademecum of fundamental addresses, starting from the first, the most important, the choice of the dress. From there it all starts and once you find it, trust me, the rest of the film will flow in your head automatically, without interruption. But how do you find the right one?

Atelier Emé - Milano

As soon as you enter Atelier Emé not only will you know that you are going to find that special dress – the one that will light a spark in your heart and eyes, but you will enjoy the experience and savor every minute that will lead to the fateful choice. Thanks to a team of professionals who do their work lovingly, you will be guided by hand in your search and you will never feel, even for a minute, inside a store, but in a fantastic living room where no one will ever push you towards choosing something that doesn’t suit you perfectly.

Atelier Emé - Milano

In a bright and well-designed environment, built to highlight every creation, not only the clothes shine, but the palpable atmosphere, too, full of electricity and calm at the same time, making you go through the emotion of this moment in the most natural way possible. Two floors full of craftsmanship marvels, ranging from the bride collection, to ceremonial and evening dresses, tailor-made by this Italian brand that is anchored to tradition but at the same time extremely current, never ceasing to amaze with their refinement and quality of fabrics- the most modern processing technologies and an unmistakable sartorial expertise.

Atelier Emé - Milano

But the icing on the cake is the possibility to create completely customized garments in the privé area adjacent to the store, starting from your story and retracing it with you through the choice of fabrics, textures, decorations and shapes best suited to your needs. You will have a unique dress, exclusively yours, that will materialize before your eyes fitting after fitting: whether you want it structured, wide, mermaid-style, shabby, light, impalpable, fluctuating, elegant, flamboyant or sexy, Atelier Emé will amaze you.

Atelier Emé - Milano

If it’s the Wow effect that you’re looking for, for the most important day of your life, now you know where to find it.

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