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The autumn by CL Studio

Autumn stories to highlight femininity at its best

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On time, careful to every season change, CL Studio returns to tell how each woman adapts to the switch in temperature, color and mood. Meteoropathic and shopping addicted, all the representatives of the female universe can’t wait to renew their wardrobe following the autumn transformations. CL knows how to fill this desire by proposing a unique and immersive shopping experience that makes living the femininity in all its variations.


From ethereal romanticism and the delicacy of the Poetry, natural fabrics garments which have marked the transition from summer to autumn between smooth laces and soft colors such as powder and lobster, we glide towards Fall, the seasonal history par excellence. Elegant garments with a bohemian echo in shades of black, burgundy and pale pink.


Bralette, pajamas, bodysuits and suits designed to highlight every type of femininity thanks to the choice of the seductive lines and floral prints. The autumn, according to CL, is made by the refined transparencies of the Leavers lace, but also by the gipsy inspiration of the details in macramé and from the buttons and the trimmings with the Asian references. A season characterized by elegance and seduction that cross influences and inspirations, coming from all the corners of the globe following the typical colors of the period.


Feel, on the other hand, tells us about the coldest atmospheres in its preparation for the winter. Comfortable garments made of soft materials and graphic prints, according to lines that refer to the Scandinavian aesthetics. Everything makes you want to spend those days at home on the sofa between books and TV series with a cup of spiced tea in hand and a burning candle lit, even better if it’s close to the fireplace.


In different circunstances, Energy is the sportswear line that thinks about the dynamic women looking for comfort and design in their clothes, even for the ones to wear in moments dedicated to the physical activity. Minimal and graphic style in dark shades of black, gray, oil and blue enhanced by touches of warm colors such as ocher. And finally, Iconics, the section dedicated to CL Studio’s cult that now we know it well, which exposes the most requested items from the female universe between continuities and new arrivals.


The change of the wardrobe is a nightmare that arrives punctually with the seasons for every woman; What is the better way to overcome this little trauma than with a healthy therapeutic shopping session? Enter in CL and let yourself be guided by your personality, we are sure that you will come out with clothes that best improve your shape and your woman style that perfectly match to your autumn wardrobe.


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