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Breakfast at Pausa

Your Italian BreakFast

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The entrepreneur Marco Cattaneo has introduced Italy to the rest of the world with his simple, fast and innovative format. Pausa, the bistro with the unmistakable red sign, was born in the streets of Hong Kong inside a 25 sqm shop. It has a Mediterranean heart with international flavor.

La colazione da Pausa - Milano

After the success obtained at different latitudes and longitudes, more in the east, the brand has made a leap to the other side of the planet, returning “home.”  Located in the Bel Paese, it chose Milan as its point of continuation (or new beginning) in the story that began in 2013. Taking the form of a bar, bistro, emporium, a space for aggregation and co-working with a minimal design that is a bit exotic, a little European and a little New Yorker. One of those places with the ability to make you feel almost at home when you are abroad or, on the contrary, to catapult you beyond borders when you stumble upon it while walking along a well-known street.

La colazione da Pausa - Milano

It’s true, at Pausa simplicity is the undisputed queen and here, as they promised, you can eat and buy everything you see at the counter or on display. It is true also that you will always leave satisfied whether you come for lunch, dinner or an aperitif, but above all, it is true that the breakfast is “as it should be.” With breakfast – at number 28 of Via Cesare Correnti – for a few moments everyday life and metropolitan frenzy are put on hold by a welcoming atmosphere, baked goodies and the feeling of being elsewhere.

La colazione da Pausa - Milano

Like the most timeless legends, solid advice and essays suggest, the coffee-brioche combo is one of the best solutions to start the day off right. In the realm of Made In Italy you can opt for classic espresso, cappuccinoor with a “special” twist, and American coffee and filtered coffee in medium or large size – depending on the amount of work or studying that awaits you. All accompanied with a simple or stuffed croissant.

La colazione da Pausa - Milano

For those who don’t love caffeine, there is an alternative called Chocckino, made with cocoa and water, or traditional herbal teas and orange juices, which are always a panacea. What about those who let themselves be easily enticed? After tasting the cake of the day, the fruit tart, “the biscuit” or the tiramisu: we assure you that you will not regret it.

La colazione da Pausa - Milano

If you are in a hurry or just passing through, opt for the New York style of take away and order your favorite coffee in a classic paper cup. If for once, you want to give yourself a longer break and choose to stay comfortably seated, you can rest assured, because nobody will come to interrupt your Zen moment; time here is serious.


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