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Di Viole Di Liquirizia

A world made of super colorful cupcakes that smells of freshly baked cakes

My little corner of peace here in Milan is called Di Viole di Liquirizia (licorice violets). A name that brings dreamy images to mind almost fairytale like. Actually when you step inside this tiny little bakery in the heart of Brera the sensation is like being catapulted into a parallel world. A world made of super colorful cupcakes that smells of freshly baked cakes.

Di Viole di Liquirizia

Destination for tourists and residents alike, Di Viole di Liquirizia is one of the most Instagram friendly spots in Milan. It’s easy to understand why. The shabby chic décor, a counter full to the brim with sweets of every shape and color, super sugary cutlery and dishes. The atmosphere is half bohemian and half “Alice in Wonderland”, with those romantic details and knick knacks that are present throughout the shop.

Di Viole di Liquirizia

A magical oasis, where you can indulge in a slow breakfast with really buttery croissants, or sip a tea with friends while plunging a fork into one of the freshly made homemade cakes. A patisserie that’s famous throughout the city, Di Viole di Liquirizia is specialized in British and French style sweets: from scones and macaroons, all the way to donuts and cupcakes with shiny icing. A special mention goes to its cheesecake, just as good as the ones from New York bakeries. Not as high but much creamier, her cheesecake is probably one of the most delicious in all Milan.

Di Viole di Liquirizia

The apple crumble is highly recommended, tasty just like Grandma Duck’s, and the minibaker, with an honorary mention going to the blueberry muffins. The seating is extremely limited, both inside and outside. Both for this reason and for the relaxed atmosphere, Di Viole di Liquirizia is almost always full. Visit this charming place on a cold autumn afternoon or on a fresh summer morning. In any case you’ll feel like the heroin of a period movie or a Jane Austen novel. Because it’s as if at Di Viole di Liquirizie time has stopped.

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