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I Dodici Gatti – Grill & Pizza in Galleria

The magic of dining on the rooftops of the old Milan

Hidden among the rooftops of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, pizzeria I Dodici Gatti is a must-see. Located on the top floor of the exclusive multi-level Duomo 21, I Dodici Gatti is the number one pizzeria, placed at the top of the Galleria. This is a place that bears witness to the innovative spirit that characterises the city, while it also celebrates the traditional beauty of old Milan seen from above. But that’s not all: I Dodici Gatti also fascinates with a special piece of history.

It is said that long ago an old lady lived near the rooftops of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II itself. This lady took care of a pair of black cats, the shy, noble, proud residents of old Milan’s heights. When the old lady left her own home behind, the two little cats stayed and gave birth to a family of twelve black cats. It is said that to this day their descendants live in and protect the amazing rooftops of the centre.

The pizzeria I Dodici Gatti, along with the City of Milan, and the Association for the Protection of Animals, helps to conserve the group of cats. This is because, as said by Alessandro Rosso, patron of the Seven Stars Hotel and creator of the pizzeria, “A roof without cat has no character.” That said, I Dodici Gatti in Galleria is an exclusive location, with a petfriendly attitude. It is a sought-after gem, which, just like the cats, is hidden among the most precious roofs in the city.

Its marvellous location and noble mission aren’t the only things that make this restaurant so perfect. In my opinion, the pizza served here is some of the best pizza in Milan. Brought to you by the art and experience of pizza chef Daniele Falcone of Salerno, the pizza at I Dodici Gatti is raised for 24 hours, cooked in a wood oven, and made with natural ingredients of the highest quality.

Dodici Gatti - Grill & Pizza in Galleria

On the menu you’ll find classic pizzas, delicious tributes to Italian tradition, and innovative varieties of pizza, among which is their special “The Twelve Cats”, which elegantly combines exquisite Fior di Latte mozzarella from Agerola with black truffles and shavings of Parmesan cheese. I prefer simplicity in wonderful authentically Italian food: if you like buffalo mozzarella, don’t miss out on the pizza “O’ Vesuvio”, which is my overall favourite. If you would prefer to try something other than pizza, I Dodici Gatti also has a wide menu of traditional dishes including cured meat selections, mains made with fresh home-made pasta, beautiful salads, and grilled meats.

I Dodici Gatti is a wonderful place, which I discovered by chance, and love going back to. Take a risk like a cat and explore the roofs of the Galleria. You’ll have a warm welcome here in the heart of old Milan. It makes you feel in touch with the spirit of the city and its most secret tales. The pizza you eat here carries with it the authentic taste of history, magic and myth.

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