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Estée Lauder Beauty Boutique

The secret to an endless beauty is in via Dante, 7

If you live in Milan, or if you spend here enough time to considering it your second home, you know very well how much this city can give you and, at the same time, take from you. It forces everyone to a stress level not easy to adjust with, therefore knowing when to take the right break is essential to keep pace. Even if you always look for the best the city has to offer, here an advice to help you take advantage of your spare time in the best and most beautiful way: the Beauty Boutique by Estée Lauder, in via Dante 7, near to Duomo, in the vibrating heart of Milan.

Estèe Lauder - Milano

Visiting the Beauty Boutique of Estée Lauder means discovering a fantastic world dedicated to beauty, where you can breathe the history, strength and image the famous brand built over time. It’s a journey to be experienced. The face treatment, the make up and finally a perfume cloud in this wonderful world in which a skilled Beauty Expert will help you choose the most suitable products for your skin.

Estèe Lauder - Milano

Moreover, technology also plays a fundamental role in the Beauty Boutique. Discover the perfect color for your lips by playing with YouCam, virtually trying the various shades of lipsticks: just place yourself in front of the I-Pad and choose the desired shade of color. The digital experience continues also on the choice of the liquid foundation, fundamental element for a woman’s beauty. In fact, through the I-Match, a revolutionary tool that thanks to an internal camera and three simple photo shots, allows you to identificate the exact tone and undertone of your skin. The choice of the perfect shade is therefore guaranteed. There are 50 shades to cover all women’s needs and all ethnics.

Estèe Lauder - Milano

As you may have guessed, the range of services is really wide. If you’re short on time, you can opt for quick free services like the Perfect Foundation, the Glam Look or Sopracciglia che passione, the Boost Treatment and Elimina la Stanchezza. They last 10 minutes and the benefits are immediate. If, instead, you have a little more time, you can choose the Masterclass Real Your Beauty and Perfect Eyebrows, you will receive a personalized consultation based on your specific makeup and eyebrows needs. For special occasions, there are dedicated services such as the Special Night or the Happy Birthday with Cake, to celebrate your birthday in a boutique with friends, makeup sessions, cake and candles. The Bridal Service is the top service Beauty Experts can offer you at your home to be flawless on your wedding day. All services are booked by telephone at 02 72021034 or by online booking.

Estèe Lauder - Milano

If you care about your beauty as much as Estée Lauder, give yourself the luxury of living this precious experience in the Beauty Boutique. Your skin will thank you, and you will thank us.

Photo credit © Federica Santeusanio

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