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Have you tried Farmily’s botanical spirits yet?

The spirit of innovation, ready to be poured in a glass

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Farmily as in “farm”, as to remember the natural, artistanal nature of the spirits; Farmily as in “family”, coming together of the many in one, united team (and the same first four letters are, also, an acronym of the “patriarchs” of the family itself, Flavio Angiolillo and Marco Russo, along with Andrea Dracos, Francesco Bonazzi, Benjamin Cavagna e Carlo Felice Dall’Asta), a group effort, that is,  that wanted to create “botanical” spirits, with herbal aromas, inspired by the team’s gustatory research and created to enrich the fine drinking world with new ingredients, new elements and create even more structured and complex cocktails.

MAG - Milano

The branches of the family are three. Two of them, the “botanical spirits”, are the Mediterraneo 2016, reminiscent of a gin, sharing with it the same production method even if there’s no juniper in it, full of the herbal scents of mountain pine, rosemary and other Mediterranean aromas; and the Asia 2017, that follows Marco Polo along the Silk Road, accompanied by the flavors of oriental spices, cloves, ginger, completely based on the sugar cane, which was discovered in Asia. The most recent addiction to the family is the only one that was made expressly for the direct consumer and maybe is also the best to be tasted neat: it’s the Amaro, a “botanical bitter” that tastes like gentian, coffee, cocoa and orange, and is part of the Farmily Classic class.

MAG - Milano

Each one of these branches extends beyond the traditional categories of liquors and spirits that we used to know and, even if they have a very recognizable taste (the Mediterraneo, for instance, recalls a gin), they’re not quite the same of the categories that preceeded them. What does this mean? That, when used, Farmily’s botanicals give a touch of originality to the cocktails, creating variations on the great classics of mixology, like the Farmily Daiquiri, the Farmily Tonic or the Farmily Manhattan.

MAG - Milano

You can find the Farmily Spirits in the Mag family’s bars (like MagCafé, Iter and Backdoor43 in Navigli, or at  1930 Speakeasy) and if you are long on curiosity but short on time, you can have “portable” cocktails in single-dose mini-bottles, and consume them like a take-away drink. You could also order them on Deliveroo. There are four recipes for now. Some names? The Fashion Victim, with its pink skulls, or the Mariner’s Negroni, that will make you feel like old sea dogs.

MAG - Milano

As usual, when we think to know everything about something, and in this case we’re talking about mixology in Milan, there’s always a new element that turns the tables around. A confusion we are thankful for, because it’s true  that in this city the fine drinking lovers never get bored. We thought we explored every corner on the map and, here they are, the Farmily Spirits point us towards new horizons. Lucky for us, we won’t get there sober.


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