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Lunch break in Milan: 5 places in the city center

Obbligatorio godersi la pausa pranzo, ecco dove

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Milan is a city of traffic, nightlife and frenetic rhythms that never sleeps. The days seem endless and there are always too many things to do. Occasionally, however, it is necessary to unplug and enjoy one of the joys of the day: the lunch break.

If workers and students often rely on a packed lunch to avoid wasting precious time, we believe that, in order to truly enjoy your meal, it is better to completely detach from the work environment. Ergo: go out, breathe deeply (not too much, it’s still Milan) and forget your duties for a moment.

Isn’t it better to be able to enjoy a lunch break worthy of truly being called a break, between a bit of healthy chatter and good food that is NOT served in a plastic container (or glass, for those more attentive to the environment)?

In this ranking, therefore, we offer you 5 places in the center that you can reach easily in a short time and that will make you forget, at least for an hour, all the worries and tiring commitments that await you in the afternoon, and in the days to come. And for those who opt for lunch brought from home for savings, don’t worry, we have also thought of you. We made sure to offer you alternatives with widely affordable prices.

To face the rest of the day, a packed lunch is not enough! Enjoy your meal!


Via Cesare Correnti, 28


Born in Hong Kong in 2013, this bistro has recently arrived in Milan, and offers a short but intense respite from daily commitments with Italian specialties. The environment, however, is rather international and characterized by a minimal design. In addition to pizza kneaded Roman and ice cream prepared on the spot, you can choose between different types of pasta and sauces to be enjoyed in a lunch box format, combined with a drink or water and a fruit salad. True pasta lovers will also be able to purchase a portion of fresh pasta to take home.


Via delle Asole, 4


This perfect combination of fresh ingredients and slow conception in a Sicilian key, will be an inviting temptation for all those who wish to enjoy a lunch just 500 meters from the Duomo. Furthermore, Slowsud opens its horizons by offering on the menu the so-called muciulerie, the southern version of the famous Spanish tapas. But what most attracts customers is the presence of two tables with swings that replace traditional chairs. You must book in advance if you want to experience the thrill of eating while rocking!


Via Amedei, 5

Gastronomia Yamamoto - Milano

If you want to immerse yourself in an Asian atmosphere, especially Japanese, for lunchtime, Gatronomia Yamamoto is the place for you. In a simple, no-frills environment, you can calmly decide the contents of the bento box to eat on site or take away and the orders will be served on a tray along with some typical Japanese dishes. The Yamamoto family will amaze you with their famous pork sandwich and grilled eel. It will be different from anything you’ve tasted before.


Via Manfredo Camperio, 6


A real tour through the 1960s is what will characterize your Milanese lunch break near the Duomo. Risoelatte, with its Italian and regional specialties, will immerse you in an environment that reflects a home from the past, complete with a cap and nightgown hanging in the bathroom and a set of scales in one of the rooms. You will taste specialties such as the historic Milanese rice and milk, tagliatelle with meat sauce and Milanese cutlet immersed in an atmosphere of years gone by.


Via Giacomo Leopardi, 13

Un party a suon di carbs per il quarto Miscusi - Milano

What could be better than a lunch break with a plentiful plate of tricolor paccheri? Probably nothing and if you are a fan of homemade pasta, here you will be satisfied. You will be able to witness for yourself the preparation in the pasta factory located inside the restaurant. Right in front of the Malpensa Express exit at Cadorna, Miscusi is ready to welcome workers on a lunch break, students or simply lovers of one of the most famous Italian specialties.

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