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Jo Malone London – Manzoni

The charm and elegance of British lifestyle in two exceptional boutiques

A world that has the fragrance of your emotions, your states of mind, your desires. A world in which body care is a ritual to recharge your energies and to make your home a safe harbor where to find refuge and inspiration. This is the world that, through its creations, Jo Malone London designed for its customers, helping them describe their personality with a unique, customized, tailor-made perfume.

Jo Malone Manzoni - Milano

With two flagship boutiques in Milan, respectively in Via Santa Maria alla Porta 13 and in Via Manzoni 18, in addition to the other four ones in Rome, Turin, Florence and Verona, Jo Malone London brought to our country the timeless elegance that distinguishes British lifestyle, making us dream with its luxury products for both home and body. Among special editions, like the English Fields, reminiscent of the scents and colors of the English countryside, iconic fragrances, intense colognes, rare and revered teas whose leaves are meticulously picked one by one to create infusions that become unique collections, small travel sets that will accompany you in every moment, Vitamin E-based antioxydant treatment products and scented candles made entirely by hand, with a process that involves up to sixteen people, it’s easy to feel enchanted and fall in love the moment you cross the threshold.

Jo Malone Manzoni - Milano

To enter a Jo Malone London’s boutique, it means to be warmly welcomed and have a personalized consultancy with the Stylists, that will transport your fantasy in the charming stories that inspire the fragrances, through different times, countries and cultures, always with an eye on the world of art and fashion. Fragrances made with simple and yet unexpected ingredients, always elegant and sophisticated, that find their spaces in the olfactory families: citrus, fruity, light floral, flowery, spicy and woody.

Jo Malone Manzoni - Milano

It’s from this marvelous range of more than twenty colognes that stems one of the arts for which Jo Malone London is recognized throughout the world: the Fragrance Combining™, the creation of a customized perfume through the superimposition of complementary or opposing fragrances, an art whose only limits are your fantasy and personal tastes. To play with sensation and the instinct to find the scent that make our hearts race, the one we’ll never get tired of feeling on ourselves and around us. To try different combinations of perfume, mix them to body care products and use your favorite one in the space surrounding us, at home, at work, in a special occasion. This is the English brand’s mission, to build around us a sensory rainbow to alleviate stress, like a warm embrace after a hard day.

Jo Malone Manzoni - Milano

The art of giving is one of the pillars of Jo Malone London: a gift we give ourselves and, thanks to the care of the specialized staff, to our loved ones… “Just because” every day is a special day! A care that shows in the elegance of the spaces, of the products themselves and their packagings: the iconic cream-colored boxes enveloped by a gros-grain ribbon. To unwrap a Jo Malone London gift, it means to live a moment of surprise, a magical instant that starts at the opening of the lid, with the Lime, Basil & Mandarin notes of the wrapping paper that float in the air giving of an enveloping, sparkling scent of citrus. A beautiful gift to give and receive.

Jo Malone Manzoni - Milano

Enjoy the time you decided to devote to yourself: sit at the Tasting Bar, that is in every store, and get carried away by the sweet rituals designed to make you try the products, like the hands and arms ones, during which the exfoliating products, the Body & Hand Wash and Body Crème are used along with your favorite colognes. Savor the warmth of this small act of generosity and close your eyes. This time it’s not their choice, but your instinct’s and your heart’s.

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