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La Casa Iberica

Have a drink in Milan, with the heart on vacation

Downtown Milan: an intense afternoon spent between meetings, calls and handshakes; still many things to do and several e-mails to answer to… but it’s just seven o’clock and there is so much life to live. So, turn off the PC and go out. Heels in the bag, freshened up without makeup and off to Brera. It’s spring, it’s time for an aperitif, people are in the streets having a drink. A table for two at La Casa Iberica.

La Casa Iberica - Milano

Sunset in Madrid: a walk through the streets of La Latina, low sandal and backpack on the shoulder; smartphone in hand, trying to capture the warmth of a country that, at every corner, invites you to live, expecting only a yes as an answer. Cross the gaze of a passer-by, who turns the corner and enters into a small and crowded tapas bar. Will he be a local? It’s the right time for a drink.

La Casa Iberica - Milano

La Casa Iberica is for those Milanese that, from time to time, like to take it easy and slow down the pace; it’s for the imaginative Milanese, those who love to travel, even if only with thought. It’s for those Milanese that want to be amazed and fall in love; for those who dance, laugh and live. Our tips? The classic tortilla de patatas tradicional, the croquetas, the pulpo alla gallega and, of course, the authentic jamón ibérico de bellota; all accompanied by a good glass of red wine or fresh sangria.

La Casa Iberica - Milano

The lights are low and the voices of people inspire joy. Every detail is made special by the Spanish accent, including the warm welcome of the staff. La Casa Iberica is the ideal place to spend a carefree evening with friends or for a romantic tête-à-tête. At the first sip of sangria, a memory of the summer nights in Madrid comes back to mind…

La Casa Iberica - Milano

The passerby is right there, chatting with the barman in front of the counter, in Spanish. He turns and looks: he has backpack and a dreamy air that unmask the identity of any traveler. His smile is an invitation to sit down. What better place to learn the secrets of the city, if not that small and crowded tapas bar in the heart of La Latina? Raise the glass and toast to Milan, while your heart takes a vacation.

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