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A stronghold on the Milanese seafood restaurant scene for years now

Langosteria: a peculiar and evocative name, hard not to have ever heard of it, even for those not from Milan. It’s been a stronghold on the Milanese seafood restaurant scene for years now, yet you never tire of it, actually the desire to go back is just as strong every time. The fame it enjoyed when it first opened has solidified over time, so much so that the owner, Enrico Buoncuore, was inspired to replicate the concept with different restaurants: Langosteria Bistrot, Langosteria Café Milano, in the heart of the city, and last June with the first out-of-town experiment, Langosteria Paraggi.

Langosteria 10

In other words a certainty, which never disappoints. It is the place that immediately comes to mind for a special evening, an important occasion or a romantic date. The environment, while being chic and elegant but not stuffy, is a far cry from the classic, trendy fish restaurant. First of all the lighting, soft and subtle, gives that special touch of magic. Several little dining halls are divided by a long and tight hallway with something mysterious and intriguing at the same time. The little sofas in burgundy velvet with big cushions, the ceiling with exposed beams and the decorated shelves create a relaxing atmosphere, capable of transmitting warmth and uniqueness, which welcomes and tempts in a tiny corner of evasion.

Langosteria 10

You’ll discover that the delicacies displayed on the front counter are just a prelude to the deliciousness to which you will expose your palate. For fish lovers, of the most prized crustaceans and fruits of the sea this can be defined the temple of pleasure. Not only for the high quality of the primary ingredients but also for the great mastery with which each dish is prepared. You won’t be able to leave without the flavors you have tasted remain impressed in your mind. Incomparable for charm, experience and savoir faire, the Langosteria inevitably conquers all of your senses becoming a destination that will be hard to resist.

Langosteria 10

Just like when you really like someone or something so much that you don’t even know why. Not for any specific reason, you just like them that’s all. Everything, exactly the way they are.

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