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MAG Cafè – New Drink List

At MAG a new drink list is designed every six months, each one with its own mood, a theme

This year I decided not to work anymore overtime. Less overtime and more aperitifs. Living near the canals, MAG has become my home. You are reading this in the hopes of finding something new. We love new, new emotions, but it’s tough to shock us. How many times have we started out a new year with great resolutions? Resolutions require change. Usually, we want to change something about our lives. Alvin Toffler said “Change is the process by which the future invades our lives.”

I love MAG because it gives me those opportunities for change. Its look evolves, but above all, it’s a continuing chance to discover new taste. Flavio and his family design a new drink list every six months, just like the great designers compose and measure their spring-summer and autumn-winter collections by hand. Every drink list has its own mood: a theme. I’ve never been much for historical dates, but I remember each date marked by MAG’s drinks menu. I worry that the mixologist’s stories, in this case a bit of a “mythologist,” were much more compelling than Professor Rezzoli’s. In the final analysis, I have always maintained that drinking is a matter of culture. I drank not out of greed, but rather to learn as much as possible about relevant historical facts!

It even had a spot at the Expo, the most interesting if you ask me. Last summer, every country had its own cocktail at the MAG. Now the news: the next theme will be “old-fashioned cures”. Who, among us, has not had a grandmother who cured the common cold with brandy? The best paracetamol in 1929 was called Rum! We had an early tasting. I chose a drink to help me get stronger given that I had to give up my personal trainer, who had recently resigned. Here was my magic potion: Tequila, milk, almond, Goji. Here’s the story: Tequila in memory of the Mexican warriors who used this liquor to feel strong in battle, just as we drink Red Bull to do battle on the dance floors of Milan. Milk and almonds strengthen your bones. Goji gives you renewed energy.

All these healing cocktails (so no one can say drinking is harmful) have a demonstrated beneficial effect. (#Tip): No, if you drink 6 pineapple-based cocktails, a well-known diuretic, your cellulite won’t disappear, so, hold on to your personal! The song? Don’t Wait, Mapei.

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