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Nuna Soulfood

Where innovative cuisine from around the world blends with tradition

Nuna, a word meaning “soul” that derives from the indigenous dialect of South America. The founders of the restaurant chose this name to describe their cuisine due to its combination of purity and authenticity that maximizes the raw materials. The result is a tapas bar and bistro that revisit top quality ingredients in a completely innovative way.

Nuna Soulfood - Milano

Nuna Soulfood opened in Viale Montenero, a few steps from Porta Romana, in an easily accessible but quiet area. The same tranquility is perceived inside the restaurant thanks to the interior design with attention to the smallest details. The furniture, minimal and modern, is based on natural elements such as wood and plants. The rooms are very welcoming thanks to the presence of cushions and velvets andan open kitchen.

Nuna Soulfood - Milano

If, like us, you choose to dine at the bar, you can enjoy the care that the chefs put into preparing each dish. The lighting was done by light designer Jorge Briseño who chose to combine elements and designs from the past, giving life to the “reunion” project. To make the atmosphere even more welcoming, the staff is friendly and extremely helpful in explaining the origins of the menu and giving advice on what to eat.

Nuna Soulfood - Milano

The kitchen is headed by chef Matteo Pancetti, Tuscan by birth but who has numerous experiences abroad between France, Spain, Chile and Hong Kong. International influences are also reflected in the menu, starting with the aperitif that offers yucca chips with guacamole or the more classic pan y tomate.

Nuna Soulfood - Milano

To continue we have chosen the tiradito of corvina with jalapenos and sweet potato, the mini-brioches of prawns and lime and the shrimp carpaccio, avocado cream and crispy rice. Perhaps the most unusual dish was the chianti sushi: a “nigiri” with freshly smoked meat and sweet and sour sauce, so delicious! We will definitely be back to try the carbonara eggs and the liquid croquettes of gorgonzola, pear, thigh and tarragon.

Nuna Soulfood - Milano

All courses, however, are designed to be shared, so you can try as many of the menu proposals as you’d like.

Nuna Soulfood - Milano

The bar is entrusted to Matìas Sarli, mixologist from 80.20 ml of Barcelona, ​​who, after working in the best bars in the world, decided to bring his most innovative cocktails here.

Nuna Soulfood - Milano

In short, whether for lunch, a romantic dinner or an aperitif after work you can’t miss the experience of Nuna Soulfood: a place where the ingredients are respected and the food is really an experience for the soul.

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