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Pavé Gelati & Granite

The best way to refresh the Milanese summer

Let’s play a word association game. We’ll start with one word and make a chain of the words that come to mind from that word. Just go for it, don’t think about it too much, just your first thought. With me? Okay, let’s go. SummerHolidaysFriendsHappinessLightSunHotGelatoPavé. Pavé?! A moment of confusion – faced with a seemingly unrelated word, some of you might decide to leave me to play my little game on my own at this point. Some others – the regular readers of Flawless Milano – might stop me here and ask: “Pavé? Don’t they do pastries?” My reply: “Not just pastries.” Gelati & Granite is another one of Pavé’s brilliant ventures.

Next, picture a hot Saturday in summer. I’m walking around the city which is almost empty right now, just because I like walking. Music in my ears carrying me away and eyes open to new things. I’m the kind of person who walks around when it’s 40 degrees in the shade and Pavé – Gelati & Granite is the kind of place that stays open all summer. We make a good pair, don’t we?

I go in and I get the feel of the place straight away: bright, clean, minimalist, simple, fresh, and neat. I grasp the feel of the place, and I receive a warm welcome: smiling, young, enthusiastic, and expert. I read the names of the flavours and I’m reliving the multi-award-winning patisserie studio’s delicious creations: Tonka, Tarte Tatin, Bread and Butter 160, Tea and Biscuits, Sbrisolona… The flavours of Pavé’s ice creams and granitas are inspired by the recipes of the pastries that have made him famous throughout Italy. With their incredible lightness they pay tribute to the values of quality, craftsmanship, and seasonality.

Pavé Gelati & Granite

They don’t only offer these unique flavours, the patisserie’s pastries reworked for summer, as it were. At Pavé – Granite & Gelati, you can also taste the classic flavours, including exquisite pistachio, exotic vanilla, creamy hazelnut, timeless chocolate, and delicate cream. When it comes to granitas, at Pavé you’ll find coffee, almond, and floral citrus worthy of Sicily. There are also options for the more daring, such as Rocket & Lime, or Apple, Beetroot & Ginger.

To refresh myself on my summer walk around the centre of Milan, I chose a cup with two flavours, which would reflect the fact that I am both an explorer of new things and a hopeless lover of the old classics: Sbrisolona, to try something new, and Pistachio, to fall in love all over again. Shall we play another game? Meet me at Pavé – Gelati & Granite: I challenge you to leave with an empty stomach.

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