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The best neighborhood ice cream parlors in Milan

The ultimate guide to the best ice cream shops in the city quarter by quarter

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We think that ice cream, especially in mid-summer, is like air or water: indispensable. Most importantly, the flavor can’t be average, but the best. Every time has got to feel like the first time. Does this seem too ambitious to you? Well, Italy is the blessed country that made the world discover ice cream, so why miss out?

So here is our thought: have you noticed that in every district of Milan, if you ask for a good ice cream shop on the street, every passer-by will point towards the same place? These locations have charmed the hearts of many. They become a point of reference by offering meticulously continuous quality, innovation and the presence of a secret ingredient that is best described as “love.” With our guide to these real word of mouth legends, from now on in every dark corner of Milan, you will find a light of ice cream at the end of the tunnel!


Via Spadari, 13

Ciacco gelato senz'altro - Via Spadari, Milano.

Ciacco’s DNA is purity. In the production of their ice cream, they have firmly refused any type of additive. They use only basic ingredients of high quality, which are all sourced from local markets and organic farms. The difference in the richer flavor and creamier consistency is incredible. Plus, the place is vegan-friendly!


Corso Garibaldi, 111

Le gelaterie artigianali migliori di Milano

At Don Peppinu (ex Tasta), a sun-kissed corner of Sicily in Corso Garibaldi, you can taste the natural flavors of ice cream perfected by more than 50 years of experience. Not only this, but  you can also pamper yourself with granitas and cannoli. A warm welcome is guaranteed!


Via Felice Casati, 27

Pavé Gelati & Granite

Born as a pastry shop in via Felice Casati 27, Pavé is rethinking its award-winning desserts for the summer, and transforming them directly into ice cream cups. Tonka, Tarte Tatin, Bread and Butter, Tea and Biscuits, Sbrisolona, ​​combined with the smile of the person behind the counter, are just what the doctor ordered. And this minimalist spot is open all summer!


Via Orti, 17

Gelateria Piccolina - Coppetta Maracuja e Fragola

Just as its name says, this ice cream shop is a small gift, but it is one of those cases where a lot can be done with a little. An absolute star of the Guastalla area, in this shop you will find some of the most refined organic tastes. Furthermore, the smiling owner will let you taste them on request with great pleasure. Make sure to try the legendary Cremino flavor. It’s the real gem of the Piccolina ice cream shop!


Corso di Porta Ticinese, 75

Gelateria Le Colonne

In addition to the incredible artisan ice creams where all the flavors – both creams and fruit – are truly excellent, the legendary Gelateria le Colonne will take you further. They’ve ready to warm your heart with delicious crêpes filled with Nutella or, at your request, over 15 other fillings! No need to think twice, just go there!


Via Giosuè Carducci, 12

Le migliori gelaterie di quartiere a Milano

Recently inaugurated, it has already breached the hearts of many. The avant-garde Gelato Libre breaks the traditional canons of the ice cream shop by promoting a new way of understanding ice cream. Here they have freed their ice cream from the “slavery” of milk and eggs. Instead they make the most with dried fruit, cocoa and water. It’s all strictly from the source, which enhances aromas and creaminess.


Piazza Luigi di Savoia

Antica Gelateria Sartori - Coppetta Nocciola e Pistacchio

Another legend, this time north of Milan, is the Antica Gelateria Sartori. This kiosk run by sellers who are always ready to exchange jokes and laughter, has zero demands and no frills. All the effort here goes to the taste and it pays off big. In fashion at any time, it is a name that has been passed on from generation to generation … maybe you will be the next to share it! (p.s. hazelnut is among their specialties… it’s a real treat).


Via Melchiorre Gioia, 131

Gelateria Prossima Fermata - Coppetta meringata di arance e albicocca

Sometimes hidden treasures are the best of all. The Gelateria Prossima Fermata, small and far from the crowds of the center, is one of the most beloved places for those who have been lucky enough to try it! You will find both classic and more unusual tastes. It’s undeniably delicious!


Via Giovanni Battista Pergolesi, 3

La Bottega del Gelato - Coppette

The presence of this ice cream shop in Buenos Aires is impressive, if you consider that customers often send their ice cream abroad for their loved ones, thanks to the specific packaging provided by the ice cream shop. And the effort is worth it. This historic ice cream shop, opened in the 60s, specializes in quality exotic fruit sorbets, both in cups and served inside the fruits themselves… The family has managed to maintain the quality level throughout the years, making this spot a landmark throughout the city.


Piazza Cinque Giornate, 4


This historic ice cream shop with a conservative character does not go beyond the classic tastes loved and tested. This spot is undeniably polarizing to consumers. Many believe that this is the best ice cream of all time, while others claim that it is no longer what it once was … Which side are you on? Guess you have no choice but to go and find out!


Viale Monte Nero, 50

Gelateria Helados - Coppetta Pistacchio e Fragola

This small ice cream shop will make you want to taste all the flavors! Organic artisan ice cream is accompanied by the owner’s smile. It’s a real jewel in the Milanese panorama. An absolute must try!


Viale Coni Zugna, 54

Premiata Gelateria Augusto - Pistacchio Feudo San Biagio

There are many quality food products in the world, but few are truly gourmet. The award-winning Avgvsto ice cream shop, inspired by the grandeur of ancient Rome, uses the best ingredients available to create its masterpieces. Try their Pistachio or Avola almond, and you will understand why that touch of extra flavor makes all the difference.


Via Cesare Correnti, 5

Enrico Rizzi - Gelato Frizzante

Enrico Rizzi combines the French excellence of haute patisserie with the all-Italian art of ice cream, adding an Asian inspired touch to the mix. In its refined boutique, the flavors of ice creams are exquisite, light and absolutely luxurious.


Via Marghera, 33

Gelateria Marghera

The ice cream at Marghera is undeniably traditional. However, they now also offer a thousand other specialties such as ice cream cakes, or tasty frozen desserts presented in a glass transparent. In addition to being delicious, taking your friends here is guaranteed to make you look cool.


Via Monte Rosa

Gelateria Monte Rosa

This ice cream shop is so deeply rooted in the history of Milan that it doesn’t even need to advertise itself. Forty years worth of word of mouth is more than enough. And there is much to say. Mr. Rigoletto the owner, sold his famous headquarters and started completely from scratch. However, a true connoisseur will immediately recognizes his legendary touch from the first mouthful!


Via Emanuele Filiberto, 2

Gelateria Sempione

If you find yourself in the Portello area, you must stop in this little gem. You will find a corner of taste with a limited but strictly seasonal menu. You will discover a treasure known only to a few people and what is more special than that!


Via Adda, 3

Gelateria Paganelli - Canada

This place has a unique character, similar to that of Mr. Paganelli, the owner. His passion for ice cream gave rise to the Canadian taste (yogurt, maple syrup, sunflower seeds, pumpkin and flax), Madagascar cream (Bourgon vanilla with pink pepper berries), but above all to wine sorbets (among which you will even find the Franciacorta labels). Really unmissable!


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