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The Italian gastronomy temple

In Milan some spots are considered real references, almost “holy” places, that every person, born or not in Milan, must know. Among them there is Peck: “the temple of Italian gastronomy”. Surely, you stopped in front of its windows in the quiet via Spadari at least once, away from the noisy via Torino, where the lights surround and adorn the building during the Winter Holidays.

Certainly you came in just to have a look through the counters – where you can buy high quality cold cuts, exquisite meat, fresh pasta, but even ready-made meals, all having in common a careful research for the best quality raw materials – or to wander in the basement where you can get lost in the countless wine bottles. At the first floor – where not long ago was located a tea room – now you can find the “Ristorante al Peck” where, during the gastronomy opening hours, it is possible to taste the traditional Milanese dishes (but not only) revisited by Matteo Vigotti, executive award-winning chef who strongly believe in the importance of using high quality raw products.

Peck - Via Spadari, Milano.

Peck’s wine cellar

But if you cross the street and turn around the corner towards via Cesare Cantù, you will see “Peck Italian Bar”. Stop by for breakfast, before going to work, and savour one of their brioches (try the Veneziana!) with an espresso or a cappuccino, or get there after work for an aperitivo (the traditional one, with finger food, homemade chips and almonds!). You will not regret it!

Going back to Peck, the location and atmosphere remind me of the Milan of the ’80 (that I clearly only admired in movies!) when the Italian finance and industry world were at their best. It makes me recall the bistrot in one of the scene of the movie Wall Street, attended by entrepreneurs and businessmen busy even during their lunch break. Take a look through the tables and you will see elegant men, loyal customers who do not want to give up to their custom lunch always accompanied by their newspaper, but also bon ton ladies chatting with friends and tourists taking a break between their shopping day.

Peck - Via Spadari, Milano.

Peck’s deli

The table service is fast (after all, as Gordon Gekko would say, “Lunch is for wimps”), the waiters rapidly fulfill any request, demonstrating their high level professionalism. In the menu are proposed all the classical and traditional dishes revisited following the products periodicity: a must to try is the risotto and, of course, the vitello tonnato Peck with vegetables terrine, my favourite dish. If you are on a rush during your lunch break, you can order their gourmet sandwich, which are freshly made with high quality cold cuts for which this place is – since 1883 – the most prestigious delicatessen in Milan.

Piccolo Peck

Piccolo Peck

Recently opened the new “Piccolo Peck“, a gourmet cafe located inside the shop – open all day – where you can taste a selection of the counter delights (Russian salad and meat paté), cold meats and cheeses, gourmet dishes (also in vegan and gluten free versions) and excellent mouth-watering sandwiches. Perfect for breakfast, lunch, snack or appetizer.

Now that I have talked you about one of my favourite places, where I like to go also by myself to fully enjoy this retro atmosphere, please, leave me a seat!

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