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The scent of Sicily right here in Moscova

Excellent raw Sicilian ingredients, respect for nature, and catering to all dietary requirements. This are the dictums of Tasta, a new gelateria dedicated to the sweet flavors and smells of Sicily, where tradition, taste, research and sustainability intertwine creating a winning format that transports you from the heart of Milan’s nightlife in Corso Garibaldi all the way down to Montalbano.

Behind this new opening is the Flamingo family of Modica, who for more than fifty years has been producing gelato and other various sweets. At the heart of their philosophy is the pursuit of excellence, and the balancing of tradition with innovation in order to enhance taste and the simplicity of the products from these lands.

Tasta Gelato Milano

What can you sample from Tasta? Pretty much anything that comes to mind when you think of that magic word ‘Sicily’: cannoli, granite, ice cream with ingredients typical from that area. Tasta put a smile on my face and some warmth in my heart, even in the middle of a cold Milanese winter when I tasted their incredible hot chocolate. It’s completely organic and comes in four delicious flavors: White, milk, fudge and dark chocolate from Modica. The latter has a strong, rich flavor that highlights its purity. The chocolate here is prepared onlywith the addition of water. Everything is prepared before you, and you can be entranced watching the chocolate being made before your very eyes in the Tasta laboratory.

Last but not least, the symbol of Sicilian desserts, the unforgettable cannoli. Here there are two types, Catania Cannoli, which is made with a touch of cinnamon, or the Palermo Cannoli, which is cocoa flavored. They come filled either with traditional ricotta, or for a tasty variation on a theme, with pistachio cream or chocolate from Modica. It’s a little bite of Sicily in the heart of Milan.

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