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The Best Bike Shops of Milan

The future has two wheels: here is where to find the perfect bike

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Switching to a bike has incredible advantages. Cycling improves health, saves money, is environmentally friendly, diminishes the amount of noise and parking problems. There are so many people that, having returned from Northern Europe, are astounded by the number of bikes they saw around.

The bicycle market, as of today, has expanded to a great extent: there are options for all tastes and wallets. Thanks to the incredible number of models, endless customization options, and to the professionalism in place, we expect to see more and more Milanese commuting on two wheels in the future, as is already the case in so many European or Oriental capitals.

We at Flawless Milano love the practicality, elegance, and eco-friendliness of the bike and we have created a list of workshops and retailers that are our favorites in the entire city. Below is the list of what, in our opinion, are the best bike shops in Milan.


Via Melzo, 36

Brompton Junction - Bici piegate

For the pragmatic. Brompton is a British company that asked itself: “What are the characteristics of a perfect city bike?” And responded with its creations: foldable bicycles thought out down to the smallest detail, transportable by train, by subway, storable at a restaurant, in the office, requiring minimal space, even under your chair or desk. You will no longer have to worry about not finding your bike at the office exit. The materials involved in making them are simply the best on the market: even though foldable, even if city-bikes in their core, these babies were designed to survive storms.


Corso Garibaldi, 71

Biciclette Rossignoli Milano
Photo credit © Biciclette Rossignoli Milano

For the traditionalists. In the heart of Corso Garibaldi, in a red workshop with a painted facade, remains a piece of history. For a hundred years Rossignoli has been supplying Milan with bicycles that have the solidity and quality of top producers in the sector and careful craftsmanship down to the last detail. In the workshop, a team of mechanics makes miracles happen: flash repairs, rentals, ad hoc bikes, and business partnerships. There really is nothing missing and you, too, cannot miss this. For five generations Rossignoli has remained on top of its game in Milan: the reason why is obvious.


Via Thaon di Revel, 3

Deus Ex Machina
Photo credit © Deus Ex Machina

For the adventurous. An Australian brand celebrating the perfection of craftsmanship, Deus ex Machina produces more than just bikes: it produces adventures. We are not talking about any brand or workshop, we mean there is a soul behind every single product or graphics you’ll find in this amazing store. Why are we so stoked? The reason is the bike with a surf rack, a dream of every athletics and outdoor sports enthusiast. And that’s not all: motorcycles, surfboards, accessories, music records (!) and a café. The Deus brand really has everything and does it with the same unmistakable spirit that has made Sydney, Bali, and Los Angeles go crazy. And then, the Deus Cafè is a must-see. So dive in.


Viale Vittorio Veneto, 8

Detto Pietro
Photo credit © Detto Pietro

For the professionals. Established in 1895, it was the first shop to produce shoes for racing bikes and in its over a hundred year history has supplied the greatest cyclists of all time. Specialized in racing bikes, with a century-old history and collaborations so renowned to make it a cornerstone of Milanese cycling, it has top quality products and superior level of craftsmanship. You can’t miss this main pillar of athletics if bikes are your passion.

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