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Da Cianci Piola Caffè

Tradition, taste and conviviality. The famous Turinese piola continues to surprise

Banning every Gallicism, here we eat, drink and stay together. This is Da Cianci, the piola (tavern in Piedmontese) well-known in the city that needs no introduction.

Going to Cianci is almost always an ordeal. It is impressive to see the number of people who are flocking to the queue in hopes of being able to be seated as soon as possible. Even though you can’t make reservations, people come to for both lunch and dinner to try and grab a table, relax, and eat something delicious in the company of their friends.

The place itself is small but very charming. Like the most traditional tavern it is decorated with brick vaults, cream-colored walls covered with squares and antique signs, wooden tables as well as straw-covered chairs. But the true gem is the dehors, heated in winter and exposed in the summer. It stretches onto one of the most beautiful squares in the city: largo 4 Marzo.

Offering low prices, yellow paper placemats, rustic glasses, simple but tasty cuisine and house wine at will. A no frills peg in which the convivial and informal atmosphere are a good part of the game, supporting a menu that counts some seasonal variations but has been able to keep the prices unchanged for eight years. 5 euro first courses, 6 euros, 4 euro starters and 3,50 euro pastries. What else could you want?

Home cooking, quality and taste. The first course options usually include three types of pasta that can be combined with different sauces, depending on the day. The “goodies” (gnocchetti) are timeless, always presented in different variations. The starters and main courses remain in classic Piedmontese tradition including tomini and anchovies with greens, veal with tuna, and an assortment of roasts (lamb, shin, rabbit).

Cianci does not need further introduction because its fame speaks for itself. So if you are looking for something relaxed and informal, this is the right place for you. A tavern for those who want to drink, laugh and eat with friends.

We can't. That's why every week we share the best experiences turin has to offer.

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