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The best restaurants in Milan open in August

Our guide to dining in Milan during the most deserted month of the year

If this year your boss has forced you to stay in the office during the cool and lively month of August in Milan, this post will certainly be for you. More than an article to read in your long sessions in company bathrooms, (obviously in the wi-fi area) it is might be your only salvation… and I will explain why:

POINT # 1 : Milan magically transforms into the New York of “I am Legend:” it takes ten instead of the Fantozzians 50 minutes to get to the office, park your car with the ease of a Scarabeo scooter and if you imitate Will Smith in aforementioned film by shooting golf balls in Piazza del Duomo, no one would notice. 

POINT # 2 : Despite the absence of ALL colleagues framed with a higher contractual level than yours, this is the month most feared by the  Milanese employee. In the office there is so little to do that, if there were so few people that you could go unnoticed in the corridors while trying to catch Pokemon on the most discussed app of the moment, you would be out of there. 

POINT # 3 : In your neighborhood, the only shop still open is the Chinese bar, in which you have never had the courage to order even a coffee.

POINT # 4 : Last but not least…  97% of your friends are on vacation, at least 200 km away and after 11 months of media silence, they don’t miss the opportunity to publish photos of baths in crystal clear seas and “stories” of unforgettable parties on Instagram.

But you, stuck in Milan, are in disarray. You don’t know where to bang your head… or rather your wallet, because incredibly the #MilanoDaBere, famous ruiner of bank accounts, has this month closed its shutters. And instead, we at Flawless Milano say no. Thanks to this short guide for city ​​survival  in August, you can fight boredom and enjoy some beautiful evenings in the capital.

Here is the list of places open in August and all month.


I migliori ristoranti di Milano aperti ad agosto

  1. Pasticceria Marchesi | Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II 
  2. Tramé 
  3. Giacomo Caffè 
  4. AmaMi  Chiuso il 15 agosto
  5. Macha Café 
  6. Pandenus | Gae Aulenti  Chiuso dal 14 al 18 compresi



I migliori ristoranti di Milano aperti ad agosto

  1. Radio Rooftop Bar
  2. Terrazza Gallia – Excelsior Hotel Gallia 
  3. Terrazza PanEVO – The Westin Palace Milan
  4. Mandarin Garden – Mandarin Oriental, Milan
  5. Bar Bulgari – Bulgari Hotels & Resorts
  6. Ristorante gastronomico – Palazzo Parigi – Sempre aperto ma hanno menù del bistrot
  7. Giacomo Arengario
  8. Temakinho
  9. El Brellin 
  10. MU dimsum 
  11. Finger’s Garden – Chiuso il 15 agosto
  12. God Save The Food – Piazza del Carmine – Chiuso dal 14 al 18 compresi
  13. Ceresio 7 – Dal 12 al 20 chiuso a pranzo 
  14. Trattoria Aurora
  15. La Veranda- Four Season Hotel Milano
  16. Terrazza Aria – Sina The Gray
  17. Paper Moon Giardino – Chiuso dal 15 al 19 compresi
  18. Fratelli Ravioli – Chiuso 15 e 16 agosto
  19. Soulgreen



I migliori ristoranti di Milano aperti ad agosto

  1. Le Specialità
  2. AmaMi – Chiuso il 15 agosto 
  3. Briscola – Pizza Society – Chiuso il 15 agosto
  4. Berberè 
  5. Dry Cocktails & Pizza – Chiuso dal 5 al 12 agosto
  6. Marghe 



I migliori ristoranti di Milano aperti ad agosto

  1. Crotto dei Platani (Como)
  2. Villa Lario  (Como)
  3. La Galbusera Nera – Agriturismo La Costa (Lecco)
  4. Trattoria Visconti (Ambivere)
  5. Ristorante Quercus Tenuta de L’Annunziata (Como)
  6. Ristorante Silvio (Como) 


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