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The Best Historic Cafés in Turin

The places impossible to miss in the city

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Every city has its strong points: corners of traditions and delights that fill the blocks with a wonderful aroma. Turin is just a microcosm dotted with places that seem to remain immune to the passage of time, which wink at the unstoppable urban frenzy outside their windows and the constant changes in the streets.
If walking through the capital makes you want to savor history and sabaudity between a Piedmontese specialty, then here are 10 addresses with all the credentials to transport you through different eras in order to enjoy delicious breaks at any time of the day.


Piazza della Consolata, 5

Caffè al Bicerìn - Torino

Caffè Al Bicerin is a wedding favor set in the heart of Turin since 1973. A jewel of the late nineteenth century, it is synonymous with Savoy elegance, having only eight marble tables inside. Giuseppe Dentis, the founding father, invented the Bicerin here, a local symbol. that gave this place shine and glory (and the name).


Via Giuseppe Luigi Lagrange, 1

Guido Gobino - Torino

Guido Gobino is one of the great masters of the regional art of chocolate, Mâitre chocolatier, he stands out in the field for originality, research and the quality of his ingredients. His kingdom is located at number 1 of Via Lagrange. It is an artisan chocolate shop made of passion and confectionary treasures, inherited from father to son. Among the flagship products, as well as the symbol of the Guido Gobino brand, are the Giandujottino Tourinot and the Tourinot Maximo.


Piazza Castello, 27/29

Baratti & Milano - Torino

160 years of activity, official supplier of the royal house at the time of the Savoy. Baratti & Milano plunges into a Turin of other times in which the aristocratic and regal past is the master. Relax here choosing from the very wide range of delicacies, including the inevitable Giandujotti, Cremini, Cuneesi, Braidesi and the Piedmont Hazelnut Pralines, backed by a high jewel: the candies.


Piazza Castello, 15

Caffè Mulassano - Torino

Legends says that Angela and Onorino Nebiolo, to restore vigor to the affairs, sought new proposals to accompany the aperitif and that, in this regard, a particular machine capable of toasting bread had been brought from overseas. This is how the tramezzino made its first appearance in Turin. Caffè Mulassano is ideal for a mid-day snack, with one of its flagships, ça va sans dire.


Piazza San Carlo, 191

Stratta - Torino

Since 1836 Stratta has been a historic confectionery supplier of the Real Casa. Located in the center of the Savoy capital, in the shadow of the majestic and proud arcades of Piazza San Carlo, a universe of colors and delights the palate. The confectionary for adults and children offers fruit jellies, crystallized candied flowers, grandmother’s bonbons, sweets and small pastries.


Piazza San Carlo, 156

Caffè San Carlo - Torino

The Caffè San Carlo exudes a glorious past. An ancient meeting place for intellectuals, poets, politicians and adventurers. It was here that Dumas tasted his first bicerin, the Duke of Abruzzi designed the expedition to Antarctica and Gramsci decided to found the New Order. A masterpiece of elegance, made of sumptuous furnishings, in which to enjoy a traditional dinner or a break with traditional pastry.


Via Po, 8

Caffè Fiorio - Torino

Aristocratic sitting room and an emblem of city life in which great personalities have crossed. The Caffè Fiorio was and still is one of the symbols of the Savoy Turin of Madame, intellectuals and nobles. It is known for its gelato, which preserve the secret of the same recipe that was loved by Nietzsche, and for its cioccolata in tazza – which here is a 360-degree sensory experience.


Corso Vittorio Emanuele II 72

Caffè Platti - Torino

Turin institution since 1875, a historic bar which saw the protagonists of the best bourgeoisie alternate, including Luigi Einaudi, Giovanni Agnelli and Cesare Pavese. The croissants are real stars, as are all leavened products of their own production. Equally inviting are the mignons baked by the hands of master Luciano Stillitano. Such sublime delicacies to be enjoyed in an atmosphere of other times. Caffè Platti is also an excellent address for an aperitif, a lunch or a dinner.


Piazza San Carlo, 204

Caffè Torino - Torino

The fame of Caffè Torino has been growing for over a century. Here, you indulge in pampering your palate, sipping good coffee or the ever-present chocolate in the cup, while being surrounded by liberty details. Ideal for breakfasts, snacks, lunches and aperitifs, in the name of the great Piedmontese gastronomic tradition.


Corso Vittorio Emanuele Ii 76

Gaudenti 1971 - Torino

It is well known that the croissants of Gaudenti are something that cannot be renounced for those who want excellent pasta. Although, within its walls there is no lack of other temptations. Looking at the whole counter, one is kidnapped by the pastry works Matteo Sforza prepares every morning, alternating traditional Piedmontese sweets, with specialties from other countries.

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