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The best restaurants with a garden in Milan

Places of peace and quiet to slip away from the heat and hustle of the city

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The summer season is coming to Milan, and it’s amazing… until nature brings heat to a maximum. And before you know it you are strolling in Navigli back and forth for the hundredth time and nostalgically posting photos of your last year’s Sardegna holiday with a #TBT hashtag.

They say, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Keeping this in mind, we have carefully selected wonderful restaurants in Milan adapted for every taste, need and occasion: zen places of peace and quiet, exuberant grand hotels, spots with a soul and a story of their own that you will not live anywhere else… All of them have only one thing in common: the freshest, coziest, most beautiful and relaxing summer gardens in town for you to slip away from the heat and hustle, recharge your energy and show that one friend who for 365 days a year posts photos from exotic places who at the end of the day is the boss.

Finger’s Garden

Via Giovanni Keplero, 2 

Finger's Garden

If you think of it, a relaxing zen garden would be incomplete without refined Japanese cuisine. Finger’s Garden is a fusion of the two with an impressive outdoor area creating just the right amount of privacy (complimented by background music with zen and new age notes), and a vast menu of sushi, sashimi, uramaki and beyond. The quality of fish is excellent, and the dishes are almost a pity to be touched – they are just so well presented! When booking, ask specifically for a table in the garden.

Terrazza PanEVO

Piazza della Repubblica, 20

Ivory Terrace - Westin Palace

From June 5th, the Westin Palace makes its annual opening of Terrazza PanEVO, a garden where wide green arches cover you up in a cozy luxurious summer refuge, filling the space with a subtle jasmine scent. Inside – gourmet mediterranean cuisine by Augusto Tombolato, and menus in perfect accord with the SuperFoodsRx™ concept, where ingredients are matched to create synergies in nutritive value. There are timesaving offers, but we know that you secretly wish to take an entire Sunday afternoon for a brunch, and the brunch menu is so rich it will make you forget your diet, because Sunday – Funday.


Via de Castillia, 28


We’ve already seen some gardens in this article. What about a whole park? In the Isola district among large green spaces and vertical forests in a restructured liberty building there is Ratanà, one of the main trendsetters of the area with originality and innovation in mind. The menu is exquisite and organic, with the renowned young chef Cesare Battisti reinterpreting traditional lombard dishes. The atmosphere is very family friendly with an outside space for kids to play, and newborn-friendly bathrooms. A little garden of herbs planted nearby hints at an old legend which gave the place its name… Do you want to know more about it? Read the whole story!

Ristorante Gastronomico – Palazzo Parigi

Corso di Porta Nuova, 1 

Ristorante Gastronomico - Palazzo Parigi

Ristorante Gastronomico is inside the luxurious Palazzo Parigi in Brera, an establishment that is a promising new symbol of luxury milanese hotellerie, where guest is the focal point. Once inside, beyond the spacious interiors, contemporary yet noble, you will discover a marvellous eighteenth-century secret garden which reveals itself through majestic stained glass windows. Serenity of ancient trees will save you from the bustle of downtown at every moment of the day. Here traditional dishes are revisited with the closest attention to preparation and service. Finally, this is the moment to enjoy the kind of treatment you have always deserved – royal.

Bulgari Hotels & Resorts

Via Privata Fratelli Gabba, 7b 

Bulgari Hotel Milano

Every desert has its oasis and Milan has Bulgari Hotels & Resorts. In a private street in the heart of Brera, you will be immersed in Bulgari elegance, with polished décor and a glass wall, overlooking the garden. Enjoy mild evening sun, socializing and having dinner or cocktails in the open space “I Vimini”, or find freshness and intimacy at private tables, hidden deeply in the garden.

La Brisa

Via Brisa, 15

Ristorante La Brisa

This romantic restaurant, located in the very central via Brisa and family-run, is a place where the present meets the past. Elegantly set tables, designer details, light colors… and a beautiful and silent garden in the shade of linden trees. The menu is seasonal, with creative and lighter versions of traditional recipes. Meat dishes and Hispanic offering are a must-try.

Al Garghet

Via Selvanesco, 36

Al Garghet - Milano

“Al Garghet” in ancient Milanese dialect meant “the croaking of frogs”. Here for one evening you can relive the atmosphere of old Milan: the dialect, the aromas, the traditional dishes. The menu of Al Garghet is strictly in dialect and handwritten in elementary calligraphy in the old school notebooks. The garden and the panoramic terrace are romantic locations, perfect for a lunch or an outdoor dinner among flowers and floral tablecloths.

Al Fresco

Via Savona, 50 

Al Fresco

Attending a fashion event in Tortona? Visit Al Fresco, a place that is unique and full of emotions, where the keyword is open space. The restaurant designed in a rustic chic style gives new life to an old showroom: it was restored with the desire to have a space outside, with a marvelous garden built from scratch and a glass-covered veranda filling the place with natural light. Open kitchen which introduces a new “Al Fresco” dish every day for lunch, freshly made pastry and granite, and an original wine card make the place all more desirable.

Rotonda Bistro 

Via Enrico Besana, 12

I 10 migliori ristoranti con giardino di Milano

Have you ever felt tired of the chaos of a Milanese aperitivo, seated at a tiny table with five chairs around, risking being squeezed by the street crowd at any moment? If so, we recommend the Rotonda Bistro, an island of peace in Porta Romana inside the walls of Rotonda della Besana. A perfect spot for a delicious breakfast, or for spending an evening with a bottle of good wine enjoying the tranquility of the garden and the ancient church in the late baroque style. Now, this is the true Italian Dolce Vita!

Paper Moon Giardino

Via Bagutta, 12


Paper Moon, historical Milanese address, doubles in the heart of the fashion district with a restaurant inside the nineteenth-century settings of Palazzo Reina renovated by the Hong Kong design studio AB Concept. The real surprise of the restaurant are the outdoor tables in the inner and hidden garden, surrounded by the neoclassical decorations of the building. In list a section dedicated to the cruditè, timeless classics of the Italian cuisine and seasonal proposals.

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