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5 International Cocktail Bars in Milan

A trip "around the globe" in the most unique spots of the city

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An international wave has invaded Milan, in a succession of cocktail bars with aromas, colors, cultures and traditions that seem to multiply before your eyes. Whether you’re fueled by a desire to travel, to enrich our cultural background or a longing for escapism, there are now many places in the city to satisfy your needs.

Milan responds to our adventurous instinct by mixing the inspiration of foreign landscapes, boundless and geographically distant from the tradition of “good drinking,” with a wide selection of places with captivating stories. In these places you can relax and enjoy yourself, and escape from the urban reality.

And this is how bars with strong and bright colors alternate with dreamlike locations characterized by plays of light and shadow. Tribal masks and Polynesian statuettes contrast with minimal ornaments. Metals with precious manufacturing and woods with different shades interact with wrought iron, colored majolica and hard stone. A whirlwind of sensations will put your taste buds to the test, conquered by the “folk” flavors of overseas mixology.

For a drink-proof tour of the world, here are our best spots. We just have to wish you a good trip!


Ripa di Porta Ticinese, 69

Rita's Tiki Room - Milano

Go from the waters of the canals to the Polynesian ocean in the blink of an eye. Here we are at Rita Tiki’s Room, a place that consecrates the Tiki philosophy. Colored palettes, floral patterns and plants with shades of green enclose a space that is anything but aseptic, illuminated by jute lamps and large windows that filter in natural light. The varied cocktail list is inspired by the original recipes of Don The Beachcomber.  Here exotic mixes are made with the best quality ingredients. For fans of “drinking well,” the focus of the counter is undoubtedly rum, the distilled par excellence of the Tiki culture. Take a seat on one of the peacock-woven chairs while you sip your pastel-colored drink, and accompany it with exquisite tapas. Close your eyes and for a moment you’ll swear you can hear the waves crash.


Via Tiraboschi, 2

Dhole - Milano

Dhole tells the story of a journey that crosses Asia, touching India, China and Japan to reach the Philippines. Where does a path so rich in spices, aromas, fruit and berries that make up the cocktails of this location a few steps from Porta Romana come from? The answer is found in the name – Dhole – a cocktail bar and kitchen. It’s  inspired by the fawn furred animal of the same name that explored these distant lands. Take a seat in a delightful sitting room with golden tones, coffered ceiling, exotic wallpaper, wooden and hard stone tables and velvety armchairs. The cocktail list mixes unexpected ingredients, shifting between sweet and pungent notes. A look at the counter is a must. Colored bottles reflected by a large mirror illuminate the space, emphasizing the great attention to detail.


Viale Piave, 1

I migliori cocktail bar a tema di Milano - Nottingham Forest

This is an atmosphere on the edge of reality that brings together remote and adventurous destinations. Nottingham describes itself as a forest full of “orderly disorder,” composed of tribal masks, stone Buddhas, tropical plants, treasure maps and wicker baskets. And it is precisely in this Indiana Jones-esque restaurant that, as legend has it, one of the best martinis in the city is served. In fact, the bar is said to come from a famous hotel in New York, where the famous drink was born. If you abandon the path of traditional cocktails, you will come across a drink menu that will leave you speechless. This is thanks to the scenographic presentation that, with oddly shaped glasses, unpredictable garnishes, smoke and spices, will take you far beyond the ordinary.


Via Archimede, 10


A large calaca – a traditional Mexican skull-shaped figure – watches over those who look out at number 10 of Via Archimede in search of Canteen. This is a temple of Mexican cuisine, nestled between imposing palaces and secret courtyards. A small and colorful patio covered with climbing plants, punctuated by wrought iron tables and majolica, leads to the entrance of the location. Inside, a large LED sign stands behind the alabaster counter of the Tequila Bar, the beating heart of Canteen’s cocktail menu. More than one hundred types of the traditional Mexican distillate parade in the light of large glass chandeliers. And for those who love to dare, there will be many an opportunity to taste


Via Cesare da Sesto, 1


Next stop: Tokyo. Direction: Sakeya. A trip to Japan that is lived in Milan in the Sake house, a few steps from Corso Genova. A place that, in addition to offering elegant and refined dishes of Japanese cuisine, collects the largest choice of Sake labels in Europe, served in the lovely Sake Bar, with brick walls. The relaxing atmosphere plays with soft armchairs, rugs reminiscent of the home and Japanese-style ornaments that pamper patrons in preparation for alcoholic tasting, served by real sommeliers, ready to tell the story, origins and characteristics of the drink obtained from the fermentation of rice, water and koji spores. But not only Sake: the list of cocktails is a mixture of Japanese ingredients, among which stand out names of gin and whiskey 100% made in Japan. Is the Land of the Rising Sun really that far away?

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