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50 ml, the measure of beauty and perfection. The right size of each fragrance which, like a haute couture dress, should be alternated and changed according to mood, day, seasons, intentions. In a city where everyone is constantly looking for uniqueness, we often end up slipping up on that one element that really makes us different: perfume.

50 ML - Milano

So, behind Porta Romana, Fabio and Matteo have recently opened one of those boutiques that are not easily forgotten. A temple of beauty, dedicated to niche perfumery and body care, where you can find a selection of the most sought after brands in the industry, assisted by the passion and experience of the owners who will guide you on a beautiful journey to discover your favorite fragrance.

50 ML - Milano

The pastel pink on the walls helps the mind relax and makes it travel among the stories told by the products themselves, which are placed side by side on the shelves as VIP guests invited to the most important festival of the year. You will not find another store like this in Milan, because behind every choice there is the experience of two young brothers who are passionately dedicated to this trade, and who came to the decision of opening a shop when they knew perfectly, after years of experience running their own e-commerce, what people like and expect.

50 ML - Milano

From hair, face and body care products to fragrances for the home and of course an incredible choice of the best perfumes, 50 ml will amaze and captivate your heart and sight. The products are beautiful, as well as of an undeniable quality. The desire to buy everything begins as soon as you cross the threshold. We advise you to take the time to visit the boutique with the right calm, as do regular customers, who come back every Saturday, to get lost in the stories of this or that new product and understand what will be their next purchase.

50 ML - Milano

Oribe, Björk & Berries, R + Co, Ouai, for the hair, Noble Isle, Les Arganiers, Grown Alchemist, Bakel, Institut Esthederm, CBN – Cosmetique Bio Naturelle Suisse, Novexpert and Ren for face and body care, all brands that make of ethical production a fundamental element of their philosophy. Brands that use natural elements as the strong feature of their products.

50 ML - Milano

What is a perfume if not an emotion? Is there anything stronger than the perfume to which our mind associates memories and sensations? Here, you can build your future memories, ranging from Heeley’s notes of verbena and mint, to the Caribbean feeling that Comptoir Sud Pacifique will give you, to the stories of a 1920s Paris with African hints that the Bal D ‘Afrique by Byredowill evoke for you, with jasmine of Madagascar and notes of cedar, or the Rose of No Man’s Land, sweet as raspberry and delicately pungent as pink pepper.

50 ML - Milano

You could talk for hours about all the stories behind every single product: you will not find commercial brands here, but you will discover what it means to feel truly special. Parco1923, Diptyque, BDK Parfums, Zarkoperfume, Escentric Molecules, The Different Company, The Artisan Parfumeur, Simone Andreoli – Diario Olfattivo, Francesca Dell’Oro, Laboratorio Olfattivo, Carthusia and titans like Creed put together, thanks to their selector, countries and stories hundreds of years away, all united by the incredible quality that distinguishes them.

50 ML - Milano

It’s impossible to mention them all. Besides, we would never want to take away from you the pleasure we felt, to go by yourself on a journey that will bring you closer to the art of niche perfumery, as you have never knew it before.

We can't. That's why every week we share the best experiences milan has to offer.

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